Freelance Websites That Will Help You Find New Graphic Design Clients

12 Best Freelance Websites That Will Help You Find New Graphic Design Clients

Finding new freelance work might rapidly fall to the bottom of your priority list as a graphic designer with a regular stream of projects and deadlines.

You may be content with the amount of work you presently have on your plate, but it’s always important to keep an eye out for new customers or freelancing assignments so you can keep being paid.

The bad news is that obtaining freelance employment will need some effort on your behalf.

The good news is that finding freelance graphic design work online is rather straightforward.

Because of the vast variety of platforms and websites accessible, many designers are intimidated by the process.

A fast Google search might turn up hundreds of freelancing sites (some with questionable reputations), which can be overwhelming.

If you’re a freelancer searching for your next project, we’ve done our own research and compiled this list of the greatest freelancing sites for designers.

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Some of these freelancing websites cater specifically to particular types of designers, but others provide a wide range of job opportunities.

Sign up for various freelancing websites and create a portfolio of your best jobs to get the most out of them.


1. 99designs

This is a platform that enables clients to choose from a pool of applicants or to work with a single designer.

To start, you will be able to choose from over 90 distinct types of design work.

Then you’ll publish a project brief for the project on which you’ll be working.

Designers will come up with their best ideas for the finished product.

You’ll be able to examine the designers’ alternatives as well as their whole profile, which includes details about their returning customers and how many prior design contests they’ve won.

One of the best things about 99designs is that it assures you’ll be satisfied with your design.

While you may pay a somewhat higher ticket price, the company’s happiness guarantee ensures that you’ll leave with a smile.

The designers will not stop till they have realized your vision.


2. Authentic Jobs

Designers, developers, and other creative workers will find a home on the Authentic Jobs website.

Senior-level design opportunities in a range of fields are frequently available via Authentic Jobs.

There are roles for front and backend developers, UX/UI professionals, and specialized developers in addition to the designer categories.

Use the criteria to uncover freelance graphic design possibilities, or sign up for their email to be notified when new positions become available.


3. Coroflot Freelance Design

Coroflot was created by designers for designers.


Join the network to connect with other creatives and find design jobs all over the world.

To utilize this website as a job seeker, just sign up with Coroflot and create a profile with your best work.

Client projects are put to the Coroflot queue, and Pro members have three days to apply.

If there are less than five responses, the project will be made available to all Coroflot members and job seekers.

So, while a Coroflot Pro membership isn’t needed, it does give you first rights on any new freelance projects.

A continuous presence and a high-quality profile can help a lot in this situation.


4. DesignCrowd

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

DesignCrowd is an alternative to 99designs.

If you want good design at a fair price, go no further than DesignCrowd.

It may be the place to go if you’re searching between the low-cost graphic design community and the higher-priced platforms like 99designs.

While there isn’t as much information on designer profiles as there is on Fiverr or 99designs, you’ll get a good idea of each person’s style and expertise.

You’ll like the diversity of categories that will assist you in selecting the best designer, as well as how simple it is to create a designer wish list and start designing right away.


5. FlexJobs

FlexJobs has recognized for years that the nature of employment is changing.

FlexJobs is a wonderful resource for discovering flexible tasks since it was one of the first freelancing websites to emphasize remote and freelance graphic design jobs.

While they don’t just focus on graphic design jobs, utilizing their search and filter features to get exactly what you’re looking for is simple.

Furthermore, because they have been in existence for so long, there are countless opportunities for freelance designers of varying degrees of skill.


6. Design Contest

Design Contest is a design crowdsourcing platform that allows clients to run a contest in one of 35 different design categories, as well as provide a creative brief for the work.

The designers then choose a contest in which they are interested and submit their one-of-a-kind concept.

Most clients are given a selection of 200 or more entries.


7. Freelancing Females 

Freelancing Females, a relatively new work site, is a community of women who support one another in their efforts to achieve independence via their labor, in order to create a more fair and wealthy society.

This website offers a variety of freelance opportunities for designers, but you may utilize the criteria to find contract, remote, retainer, or even consultancy assignments.

Freelancing Females also has a Facebook community with 52K members, resulting in hundreds of tasks filed each week.

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All of the network’s talent has been vetted, which means their profiles have been reviewed and verified to be true.

It’s also a great place to learn about freelancing as a designer, since they provide tools and knowledge to help you get the most out of your freelance job.


8. Design Pickle

Among the endless design site alternatives, Design Pickle is the largest and most established platform.

While you will only be dealing with one designer, like with Many Pixels, the majority of clients will get their modification requests responded quite quickly (typically overnight).

This is an excellent option for businesses that want to increase their design capabilities without incurring major additional expenditures, bloggers who want to improve their brand design, and entrepreneurs who want to build efficient marketing campaigns.


9. Kimp

Kimp is not a freelancing website by itself.

They are, nonetheless, a good alternative for firms looking to hire a freelance graphic designer.

It is a graphic design company that provides unlimited revisions and requests for a low monthly charge.

While you generally can only work on one project at a time, Kimp allows you to get exactly what you want every time, regardless of how long it takes.

Kimp allows you to work on up to three jobs at the same time, which may result in twice the productivity of other infinite design platform competitors.

If you desire even greater output, you may purchase additional subscriptions to up the ante.

It allows you to work with a team of three designers in at least one of three different graphic design styles (print, illustration, or digital).

Once done, you will also have entire ownership of your creations.


10. ManyPixels

ManyPixels, like Kimp, provides limitless graphic creativity.

You receive a personal designer and limitless project requests with the ManyPixels basic monthly subscription as long as you take things one project at a time.

Working with a single designer has the disadvantage of restricting your turnaround time to how quickly they can work.

Requests and changes, on the other hand, will never be charged a fee.

ManyPixels is a little more expensive than Kimp, and they don’t finish as many projects every month.

When it comes to building online and mobile apps, though, ManyPixels is the better choice.


11. If You Could

If You Could is yet another job search platform created by and for creatives.

Designers may easily register and look for freelance jobs on this site, as well as set up customized email notifications for related assignments.

While the majority of job posts are in the United Kingdom, some are posted abroad.

Furthermore, It’s Nice That (affiliated with If You Could) analyzes all job postings and assists in increasing their visibility.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

All of the jobs on this board are legitimate, pay at least the minimum wage, and offer excellent opportunities for designers of all levels.


12. Working Not Working

Working Not Working’s mission is to connect innovative businesses with creative individuals, so you can be certain that you’ll find exciting opportunities on our platform.

Showcase your expertise on your WNW profile and portfolio to get connected with businesses looking for freelance graphic designers.

While Working Not Working’s platform does feature a variety of employment (including full-time, part-time, and remote work), there are also several freelance graphic design opportunities.

When it comes to recruiting, clients might be very specific, with clients looking for designers, illustrators, motion designers, web development assistance, and other services.

Working Not Working began as an invitation-only site, which is how it evolved into such a large community of talented designers.

Signing up is free for creative job seekers, and it’s a fantastic resource used by some of the world’s biggest and best companies.