Bestselling Freelance Gigs

13 Bestselling Freelance Gigs That Require Skills

Remote work has increased tremendously over the past years and more and more people are becoming their own boss, equipped with skills, knowledge, and experience they have acquired through the years.

If you want to venture into this work-from-your-own-space-and-time world and can’t decide how to start, here are some ideas and suggestions that you can learn from.

You might end up doing one of these and become your full-time work that is a great source of decent income.

Let’s start getting our feet wet then.

Check this list we have prepared for you.

1. Social Media Manager

On top of our list, social media manager is a great home-based freelance work with only a computer or laptop as your main tool.

Of course, you have to have a tech-savvy personality fortified by the knowledge and experience in managing campaigns using the social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

These are platforms with millions and millions of users from the world over.

These sites have become the breeding ground of e-commerce startups and the big boys as well.

If you have the knowledge and the skills to promote any product or business with these social media platforms, then you are fit to become a social media manager.

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You don’t need to have the certification.

Well, we have seen a lot of people earning a decent income from being one, even without formal training and certification.

All you need is the know-how around these areas of online marketing.

It takes great analytical and copywriting skills that are most of the time not learned from formal trainings but can be considered as a natural skill, just like those amazing video games or online game players who only learned the tricks of the game through practice, hard work, execution, with the innate skills that most people don’t have.

So if you know all the tricks in any social media platform by heart, then you can try this gig, as a social media manager, gain enough experience by starting with small clients first until you reach the point where you can be considered a “guru” of such and charge more.

2. Video Animation Creator

Most of the most skillful individuals we know now who are in this line of work only learned the skills from online tutorials and YouTube videos, or only started it as a hobby.

This freelance gig really pays well.

So if you love animation and videos and anything about creating these types of videos, you can start offering your skills and services on some freelancer sites so you can find clients who are willing and able to pay for every material you will create for them.  

You might be using your own video software already, but don’t limit yourself to just one software.

You can check the internet with a variety of video software.

The more software you know how to use, the more clients you can get because some clients require a specific software to use on their projects.

3. Resume and Cover Letter Writer

Are you good at writing resumes coupled with a well-written cover letter that is hard to ignore by employers?

If you have the knack for this, as simple as it may sound, you can make some serious money out of this gig.

A lot of people out there don’t know how to write a good resume and cover letter which is very vital when applying for a job.

This is where you can come in and offer your services.

You can start posting about this skill of yours on various web-based freelancer sites.

You’ll be surprised how many of them are online nowadays because it’s a good business too.

They earn a certain percentage from every freelancer who registers and gets projects from their websites.

4. Product Demo Video Creator

A product demonstration video is something people do to showcase product features, benefits, and more.

Products like gadgets, video games, shoes, toys, and a lot more.

Most of these videos are used to encourage people to take a closer look at a product and eventually buy them.

Retailer companies are going to be your main clients here or small business owners who simply want to create quality videos that can be used for TV commercials, social media promotions, and e-commerce sites where people can readily learn about it and purchase it.

You need some skills in photography and videography and in using editing software to be able to come up with great material.


Your creativity is your main tool when offering this type of gig.

5. Video Editing

Social media platforms are riddled with thousands of home-made videos and most of these are captured with mobile phones with awesome camera features.

And some individuals who want to come up with a final product would need your video editing skills so you can put beautiful effects and transitions for some raw clips.

With the right tools and software and a whole lot of creativity, you can start with this side hustle gig.

But take note, there are a lot of people offering the same kind of service on freelancer sites, so you need to narrow down your target market and set yourself apart from the rest.

Be more specific on what you want to focus on — video editing for foods, baby clothing, documentary, just to cite a few examples.

6. PowerPoint Animation Creator

Do you consider yourself an expert in using PowerPoint?

Do you know all the tricks in this software by Microsoft?

Then you can start making some really nice PowerPoint animation slides about various topics and make that your portfolio.

Present that to your prospective clients and get paid for it.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

PowerPoint is still that one great tool being used even by big companies for business presentations, and they are always looking for people who have the creative edge in using this software.

PowerPoint is a great tool to use when making video intros and outros as well.

Create your own take on various subjects, present that online on some freelancer sites, and you will surely get a paying client in no time.

7. Slideshow Creator

This also requires great skills and creativity in using Microsoft PowerPoint.

And yes, you can sell this skill or offer this service for some extra income.

This is a good freelance gig, and this is something that a lot of businesses look for.

It is because creating engaging slideshow presentations is a challenge for busy individuals.

They need someone with the skills so that they can effectively put their ideas into something visual.

Got the skills? Offer your service for some good bucks.

8. Photo Editing

We know that there are thousands of photo editing apps that can be readily downloaded and installed on mobile phones, but these are not enough for most businesses and individuals who are only after quality.

And although Photoshop by Adobe is widely available, not everyone is skilled enough to use it as a money-making machine.

Only the talented and experienced can do that.

This gig can easily find clients, and it pays well too.

So if you want to start offering your service as a freelancer, start learning Photoshop for some photo editing gigs that pay well.

You can easily find a lot of free tutorials and courses online.

If you are already an advanced user or an expert, then try starting your own small business by simply offering this service.

9. Wedding Invitations Designer

Do you love weddings?

Do you have the skills and creativity to become a wedding invitations designer?

Then what are you waiting for?

You can start selling your creations online. Just come up with a few designs.

You can even do a video on YouTube for your designs, and you will surely get clients pretty soon.

The more unique your designs are, the more you will get clients.

People who are getting married want their wedding invitation to be totally unique from the rest of the world.

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Show them your own magic and creative touch on these things, and you will surely get paid for it.

For some inspirations, you can google and browse some of the designs on the internet.

See how you can do better.

Create and execute and show it to the world.

You can start showing your designs on your social media accounts, and friends will surely share them.

You can also make a Facebook page to showcase your designs because it is public and it could potentially reach more people out there.

10. Content Writer

Do you love to write?

Do you have the skills in weaving out beautiful words?

Then this gig is for you!

And you can offer this service to almost any business out there.

You can offer your services to blog owners, website owners, and online shopping owners to write product descriptions, Facebook business page owners, and even video game creators.

The sky is the limit for this kind of gig.

You just need to know where to offer your services.

You can try freelancer sites to begin with and earn a decent income from all your clients.

11. Infographic Designer

Do you know how to turn words into beautiful visual representations just by using design programs such as Canva, PicMonkey, or Crello?

Then you can become an infographic designer.

You can offer this service to companies and organizations that are educating an audience about a process, achievements, performance, or goals.

Thus your creative skill will surely be of great use.

And this type of freelance gig also pays well.

You can check the internet for some design inspirations and start creating some sample work that you can put on your portfolio.

12. Voiceover Service

If you got a great speaking voice or a lovely accent, you can do sell your voiceover service on various freelancer sites.

This can be used commercially by companies on their videos or individuals who need narration for their home-made videos.

Although there are already AI voiceover programs that can be used online for free, a human voice is far better because it has emotions.

You can record a sample of your work and post it online.

This side gig or full-time work pays well especially if you land a big project.

It takes great practice as well so you can further hone your God-given talent.  

13. Food Blogger

Do you love cooking?

Do you love food?

Do you have the skills in writing?

You can combine passion and skills to come up with a side gig of your own.

You can write about foods and cuisines, how to prepare them, or what’s the best ingredients to use in a certain dish.

You can write articles about food, and you can post them on your own blog.

The next step is to offer your service to food businesses that will pay for great articles about their own creations.

Another side of this is that you can visit different restaurants and cafés and write about your dining experience with them.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

Post it on your social media pages so you can get more followers until you make a name of your own as a food blogger.

It takes time and patience, of course, but over time it will do well for you and create a steady source of passive income.

There are still lots of freelance gig ideas out there — freelance photographer, language translator, audio editor, creating and designing social media business pages, online English tutor, food blogger, YouTube content creator, and more!

You can try googling them yourself.

These are but a few that are so easy to start even if you still don’t consider yourself an expert.

Well, as long as you are willing to learn and you know you can do it, then start with baby steps.

Learn from the experience until you find yourself already an expert and earning handsome profits from it.

So take heart!

Good luck!

You can do it!