33 Low Competition Freelancing Sites For Beginners

We made a complete list of the newest (and most reliable) low-competition freelancing platforms and online job boards on the planet!

This is dedicated to our freelancing friends who are just beginning in freelancing.

As much as possible, if you are a beginner in freelancing and still gaining experience, please avoid the already famous sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

The competition on these sites are really high and getting a project as a beginner is really hard.

The bad news is some of the already famous freelancing platforms have been increasing their percentage shares or fees that lead to freelancers reluctantly increasing their service rates.

The result?

A lot of frequent or repeat clients get unhappy with the sudden price increases, and so they discontinue the service.

No paying clients, no projects for freelancers.

If you are a beginner in freelancing aiming to get a gig or project quickly or simply a seasoned freelancer looking for alternative platforms with lower fees, then this list will be very useful for you.

Go over the list and check what is suitable for you.

You might want to register to a couple of these freelancing sites, or more, just to check how their process works, their fees, customer service, etc.

These sites, small as they are now, are starting to become known and have the potential to become the next big freelancing platforms (freelancing jobs boards included), so might as well get a head start while their service fees from every project that you get are not that, you know, high. (laughs)

1. Boonle

Boonle is a unique freelancing site for highly creative individuals.

Freelancers here can team up with each other based on their interest to complete a project.

This site provides a team interface where creative freelancers can collaborate and work together on a given project.

This is a great platform for startup companies and project authors with unique ideas that need highly skilled creative individuals to help them put their ideas to work.

Earnings are given called a generous “tip” to each of the participating freelancers.

5 Day VA Challenge

The platform fee per completed project is 30% of the total tip.

2. CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps is a high-end site that only features a small community of professional freelancers.

If you are already an established freelancer with great skills, experience, and backed up by an amazing portfolio, you might want to try your chances here.

The pay per project is really generous here as they only choose quality projects from established and respected companies, but a 15% commission will be deducted from your earnings.

Joining this freelance platform is free.

3. Speedlancer

Speedlancer is new and quickly gaining in popularity so this is a good place to start as a beginner in freelancing.

The application process is a bit hard here as this company focuses on getting only the best freelancers in various fields and industries.

There are already a lot of seasoned freelancers here, but if you believe you are really good with your skills, there is no reason not to try this freelancing site.

If you work fast, without sacrificing the quality of work you provide, then you can be a great asset to this company because the company’s unique selling proposition is that projects are completed and delivered within 4 hours.

The only thing that some freelancers don’t like about this site is that it charges 20% as platform fee for every paid project.

4. ServiceScape

ServiceScape is a small but steadily growing freelancing site that only covers projects in graphic design, writing, and translation.

They focus on these 3 categories — considered to be the most in-demand services in the freelancing world.

Their clients are highly regarded companies from various industries.

Although this freelancing site is perfect for expert freelancers, they don’t discourage beginners as long as they identify exceptional skills and experience.

You just have to deal with a long signup process on their website.

They also only use PayPal and check for payouts.

5. FreeeUp

FreeeUp is a freelancing platform that is a bit strict in accepting freelancers into their fold.

Freelancers must undergo a screening process so that this company can reward available projects based on their level of skills and experience.

The process of “rewarding” available projects to qualified freelancers cut the bidding process and competition among the freelancers in this platform.

If you love a good challenge, try this platform.

It is not easy though, but it’s going to be all worth it after you pass the screening process.

6. Working Not Working

For creative freelancers like artists of any medium, from graphic designers to game designers and animators, Working Not Working is the place to be.

The name is kind of funny, but this new freelancing platform actually offers quality remote workers to their clients.

There is a meticulous screening process that freelancers will need to go through before getting accepted.

The good news is that freelancers are not charged with a platform fee.

The fees are shouldered by the employer or project owner.

What you earn from completed projects is all yours to enjoy!

7. Contena

Contena is a new platform for freelance copywriters and writers that covers various tasks such as blog article writing, fiction writing, technical writing, resume and cover letter writing, among others.

The registration process is straightforward simple and getting a project on this site is quite easy as freelancers don’t need to get into a bidding process.

Projects are immediately awarded to qualified freelancers.

8. Parttimerz

Parttimerz is for part-timers, obviously… a new community for freelancers, beginner and seasoned alike.

Most of the projects here are from clients in the Middle East and Europe.

To apply, simply create an account, so you can browse jobs and projects and then apply.

They have a wide selection of job categories for you to choose from and having many skill sets can potentially help you get more projects and earn more.

There is no platform fee for both employers and freelancers on this site.


9. Outsourcely

Outsourcely lets you keep 100% of all your earnings!

It means that they won’t charge you for using their platform and in getting paid projects.

This new freelance platform is simply regarded as one of the most amazing freelancer sites due to this fact alone.

The company only charges clients in using their platform so that’s where they get their profit without having to burden their freelancers.

Now that is how you take care of your workforce.

No doubt this company will rise to become one of the biggest and most loved freelance companies pretty soon.

We will stick around to see that happen.

10. Remote.com

Remote.com accepts beginners in freelancing and registering to be one is free.

It is already considered a new platform, but they already have a lot of registered freelancers in various fields and categories.

They use AI technology or artificial intelligence technology in matching freelancers with available jobs and clients.

11. goLance

goLance is a freelancing site that charges 10% platform fee from freelancers.

This site is a great source for projects in information technology like programming, website design and development, and also various projects in line with marketing.

There are already plenty of available jobs here and even beginners in freelancing can easily get a project.

12. Remote Tech Jobs

Remote Tech Jobs is one of the newest job boards specifically allotted to freelancers who are in the technology industry.

It collects and features the best available jobs from other job sites and portals so that tech experts can easily find them.

This is where freelance tech experts and clients meet and match.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

This website is perfect for IT programmers, website developers, app developers, UI/UX designers, among others.

There is absolutely no charge in browsing and applying for available projects.

13. Hired

Get hired at Hired if you are a skilled freelancer.

They cover a wide variety of freelance services such as graphics design, article writing, research, programming, and more.

Beginners in freelancing are also welcome on this new freelancing platform.

There are tons of projects here, but you don’t need to apply or bid for available projects or jobs here.

Clients will contact you.

It is a waiting game, so better make a great catchy profile and description of your skills and experience so you can be noticed easily.

This site charges 15% platform fee from clients and if you can reach 500 hours per client by doing a great job, you will get a bonus of $1,000! Try Hired now and get hired.

14. AngelList

AngelList is a great source for remote work, and one of the best assets of this company is that it features startup companies that are just starting to make a name.

This company supports the growth of new companies by providing the best freelancers anywhere in the world.

You might want to explore this site and offer your help or services.

The application process is quite simple.

Just go directly to their “remote work” page on their website. 

15. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is a free jobs board for all freelancers or remote workers from anywhere in the world.

There is no registration or application process on this online site.

You can simply browse for available projects that you like and hit the Apply button automatically submitting your application to the employer or project owner.

There is no platform fee whatsoever on this site that is why this is perfect for any beginner in freelancing to gain some valuable experience.

16. AuthenticJobs

Authentic is a real deal new jobs board for freelancers in the fields of arts and graphics design, website platform features various projects mainly from startup to small and medium-scale businesses.

You will be required to register to gain access to most jobs, but the hiring process takes you directly to the jobs pages of companies that have openings for remote and freelance workers.

This is where you can easily find and win a project without having to go through any bidding process.

17. FiveSquid

FiveSquid is like the tiny little brother of Fiverr, but gigs are priced in sterling pounds and not in dollars because it caters mostly to clients in the United Kingdom.

Each is at a minimum of 5 sterling pounds.

The platform fee is at 20% of whatever you earn on projects.

You can be a big talent here even if you don’t live in the UK.

In fact, some freelancers are based in India, United States, Philippines, China, among others.

18. Jobspresso

Jobspresso is a small jobs board for freelancers that is steadily growing in popularity.

You can find small and big-time gigs here in two ways. You can either submit your resume on this site so that clients can find you based on their preference, or you can browse available jobs or projects posted by employers and you can apply to them directly via the link provided.

There is no platform fee on this site, so this is a helpful site where you can easily market your skills and get to keep 100% of your earnings.

19. SkipTheDrive

SkipTheDrive is still an unpopular freelancing site to many remote workers, but there are already tons of available projects you can choose from.

It is a good idea for a name.

You don’t need to drive or commute going to work as the setup is telecommuting, obviously.

As a beginner, you can easily find a good project here.

So better register as soon as you can while there are not too many freelancers here yet.

20. Landing Jobs

Are you a skilled freelancer in video production, creative design, app development, UI and UX design, and software development?

If you are, then you can easily land a good project here on Landing Jobs.

5 Day VA Challenge

You can simply sign up for an account with them and apply for available projects.

You won’t be charged with a platform fee as this will be shouldered by your clients.

21. Proz

Proz is a freelancer site specifically created for language translators from anywhere in the world.

Proz, even though still considered a small company as of this writing, has been around for more than a decade.

This is a slow but stable growth.

They already have loyal followers and clients.

As a freelance language translator, you can browse for available projects and submit a quotation for your services.

You need to create an account first before you can start browsing and submitting quotes.

Users of the platform can choose between the paid plan and the free plan.

Free users get charged $1 for every quote submitted for available projects.

This process guarantees they are only getting the most serious and skilled language translators.

22. CareerGig

CareerGig is a new freelancing site for experienced gig workers, and they accept anybody from anywhere in the world.

Almost all kinds of jobs that can be done remotely are on this platform from the common creative gigs to life coaching gigs.

High-paying projects are only offered to seasoned freelancers with considerable years of experience in doing remote work.

But even if you are only a beginner, you can still join this site to gain experience especially so if you believe you are really good with your skills.

23. Remotive

Remotive jobs board for freelancers located anywhere in the world has created an image that attracts small and big companies to post jobs and projects for freelancers.

Most of the available projects here are for website design and development, software programming, app development, and other similar skills.

There is no platform fee on this site because it only redirects your application to the company or employer’s jobs page.

24. GitHub Jobs

GitHub has been one of the most prominent brands when it comes to web programming and development and any job that has got to do with information technology.

They now have frequent postings about freelance work or remote work for people who are into software programming and website development.

You can email the company on their website if you are interested in any of the available positions.

There is no platform fee when you become a member of the GitHub workforce.

All your earnings are yours to keep.

25. Worksome

Worksome is a new marketplace for freelancers with various skill sets.

They may be new in this industry, but they already gained a reputation.

In fact, they already have more than 4,000 freelancers under their roof.

Although this site promotes freelancers who reside in the United Kingdom, freelancers from anywhere in the world are also welcome to try their chance of getting paid projects.

26. VirtualVocations

VirtualVocations is another lesser-known freelance jobs board for virtual or remote workers from anywhere in the world.

They always update available projects here for remote positions, and take note, from reputable companies in various industries.

You can search under categories to easily find a project that will match your skills.

There is no platform fee in using or getting paid projects here.

What you earn is all yours to keep.

27. Rev

Rev is a new transcription platform for transcription, captioning, and subtitling freelancers, mostly for video bloggers on YouTube and Vimeo and podcasters.

This platform is open to freelancers in the transcription industry anywhere in the world.

This is a good venue where you can further hone your listening and typing skills and gain a considerable amount of experience for your future projects as a freelancer.

28. Zeerk

Zeerk is a freelancing site already in operation for five years.

The number of freelancers and employers is steady growing every single day.

You can set your price or rate as a freelancer, under a specific category, from a minimum of $5 to a maximum of $500.

Registering and selling your skills with this freelancing platform is free, but they collect 8% up to 20% commission from each of your completed projects, which is automatically computed by their system before they send your earnings to your registered PayPal or bank account.

29. Twine

With already more than 100,000 freelancers as of the moment, this will soon become one of the most loved freelancing sites for creative talent and professionals in audio and visual categories such as illustration, graphic design, music, video, film, and online gaming.

Using their platform as a freelancer is completely free, and they don’t get a cut or commission from your earnings.

If you are a highly creative person in any medium of your choice, then this is the right place to find clients who are willing to pay for your services.

30. TCI Job Board

If you’re looking for freelance transcription jobs or independent contracts, TCI Job Board is a nice option for you.

Transcription companies, such as Voxtab, GMR, AlphaSights, looking to hire transcriptionists regularly post job openings on this job board.

You can also upload your resume and be found by employers.

31. The Freelancer Club

Another new freelancing platform home based in the United Kingdom is The Freelancer Club.

Although based in the UK, they accept quality freelancers from any location in the world.

You can register on this platform with two options, a free account and a paid account to unlock some premium features.

The premium plan costs 11.99 sterling pounds per month which will give access to an unlimited number of high-paying projects.

If you are the competitive type and one who believes highly in your skills, this is a great chance for you to earn more.

The paid monthly plan is a small amount compared to what you can earn from their high-quality projects.

32. Jobs Outsource

Jobs Outsource is a new jobs board for online freelancers like virtual assistants and offline freelance workers such as carpenters, gardeners, nannies, and more.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

This site offers membership plans including free and paid.

The free plan has limited access to features and a 10% platform fee is deducted from earnings per project.  

The paid plan of $199 gives you full access to its amazing features and a small 3% deduction from every paid project.

33. Microlancer

Microlancer is a new and revolutionary freelancing platform that rewards remote workers with the leading cryptocurrency or virtual money — Bitcoin.

Bitcoin fans with freelancing skills love this site because they are excited about the idea that the Bitcoin they earn from their paid projects can multiply in value overnight.

It is like working for an investment, and that investment can potentially grow more money.

The projects list is frequently updated on this platform.

If there is no project that suits you at the moment, it is wise to keep on checking their list on a daily basis.

34. Revelo (new addition)

Revelo offers the largest online platform for US companies to hire remote software developers.

The platform enables US companies to source, hire and manage highly qualified, English-speaking, full-time remote tech talent in US time zones.

Revelo understands the challenge of hiring developers when it comes to dealing with payroll, taxes, and compliance.

That’s why they cover all that for you and more.

Also, they provide their developers with best-in-class benefits and support so that they can produce their best work.

You can apply here.

Now that is an awesome list of new low-competition freelancing sites.

Go ahead and check each one of them and pick what you like best.


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