9 Freelance Writing Gigs You Can Do Online

Freelancing online has become more popular and in-demand nowadays due to the current health crisis being felt by the world economies. 

Companies find it hard to maintain the salaries of their employees.

In fact, a lot of companies started laying off employees.

A lot of people lost their jobs and many skilled workers, especially in the line of office work, creative design, article writing, just to name a few have resorted to freelance work.

Freelancing means not being employed under a contract for a company or an individual.

It is easier to define this type of work as a per-project type of work that is being paid per hour at a rate agreed upon by a client and a provider.

Maybe you lost your job but gained a considerable amount of knowledge and skills within a particular subject.

You can use this to start freelancing online and work in the comfort of your home. Or maybe, you need an extra source of income during your free time to pay for bills, loans, or simply to buy things that won’t fit your daily budget.

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Freelancing has become more profitable to a lot of people and more enjoyable as well because they can easily work at their own pace while enjoying more time for family and leisure. 

To start freelancing, the basics are as simple as defining your goals, may it be a long-term or short-term one, the skills you need to earn a decent side income, and creating a profile and a portfolio to highlight your skills and eventually attract clients.

Freelancing online is also called by many as online gigs.

These are great ideas for you to start so you can identify where you are good at perhaps.

You will also learn where you can easily promote your services. Be aware that these online gigs will require skills.

It may be hard to get projects and clients in the beginning, but we guarantee you that you will find one.

And that will be the start of something big.

Everybody started somewhere at some point.

So let’s start now.

Let’s check out these amazing writing gig ideas!

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1. Writing Product Descriptions

Online shopping experienced a boom in the industry in recent years especially when the pandemic happened.

People started shopping online in the comfort of their homes.

This is the reason why a lot of entrepreneurs opened their own online shops to get a share of this market.

Creating an online shop requires a lot of hard work and writing product descriptions is one of the tasks that is not easy to do.


This is where you can offer your writing skills — to write product descriptions for a client who owns an online shop.

In this online gig, you are also considered a content writer and it requires you to have the knowledge to do research and write compelling product descriptions that are totally unique from the rest who are selling the same type of products.

Shopify has the 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

2. Guest Post Writing

Blogs are so loved by many because they cater to a wide variety of topics from real people’s points of view and experience.

High-ranking blogs are the place where you can post or comment as a guest. Your comments must be in line with the blog’s niche or market.

When you place a comment on a blog, you will need to place a link to your client’s website or to another blog to build a following, authority, and traffic.

3. Proofreading Articles

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This gig will require you to have an advanced command of the English language because it will require you to do a lot of reading, grammar checking, editing, and sentence restructuring to make a newly written article better for a publication like a short article for a blog or long narratives for books.

Be aware that it is better if you have proof of experience for this type of work because most of your clients will require it.

Some clients will only require you to proofread an article to see how good you are with this skill.

This gig really pays well especially if you are really good at it.

Learn How to Transform Your Passion for Words & Reading into a Thriving Proofreading Service

4. Newsletter Content Writing

Newsletters are the articles being sent to an email list.

Companies or individuals who harvest email addresses through an opt-in or subscribe form on their website to build their following need beautifully written articles to be sent to their subscribers.

These articles are sent per batch or per sequence called a scheduled email blast.

You will write unique content for these newsletters from welcome emails to follow-up to thank you emails.

5. SEO Article Writing

In this gig, you write articles for one specific purpose — to help a website rank in searches.

The articles must not only be unique but it has to contain specific keywords that will help the website be found easily on the web.

These are keyword-driven articles set by your client — not too many as Google won’t like it, not too few as it won’t help totally at all.

Keywords specific for the niche you are targeting are the secret to be successful at this.

You must have the skill to weave sentences containing those keywords.

A lot of trashy articles are on the net.

They only contain keywords specific to the website you are redirecting the article to, but the entire content has no use to the readers.

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Google hates this strategy and it is considered cheating. It won’t do any good in the long run.

It might even ruin a website’s reputation, thus affecting its good ranking in searches.

Make Great Money Online as a Freelance SEO Writer

6. Writing Translations

If you know other languages in written form apart from English, then this writing gig is the best for you.

And it pays well!

Among all other writing gigs, this one rates as one of the highest in compensation.

Translating an article from one language to another covers a lot of areas from translating descriptions for products on online shops, website content, email or newsletter content, blog articles, to social media content in Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

This is for the purpose of reaching a wider audience and so you are considered the driving force behind the success of this project.

7. Social Media Content Writing

Social Media Managers are skilled in reaching out to a variety of audiences in different niches and writing engaging content like a short description of a product or service is a requirement for a successful social media campaign.

If a social media manager handles a lot of clients, he or she will require some help in writing a variety of content.

Writing content for this type of gig will require you to be more conversational with a little twist, using apt emoticons or emojis in writing your content will attract more people to engage in every post.

This is where you need to research words or slang or jargon that can easily identify with the target market.

You need to be fully knowledgeable of whatever product or service you are writing about as well, which, of course, is the first step towards writing good content.  

8. Blogging

Have you heard about bloggers earning a decent income just by writing content for their blog site?

I’m sure you have heard of many of these successful people who also started basically with nothing.

And for them to be able to keep up with the demands of their readers, they need writers like you to help them create more content on a daily or weekly basis.

This side gig or full-time gig to help blog owners really pays well and having a couple of clients with a consistent demand for newly written articles will make you earn a steady amount of income. 

How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger

9. General Transcription

This is also in line with writing although this will require you to have great listening, editing, and typing skills.

You must also possess an advanced level in the English language.

If you can transcribe in other languages as well, then that converts to higher pay.

Transcription is converting audio or video into text called transcripts.

Constant practice will transform you into an expert in no time.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

If you want to begin your journey into a full-time home-based transcriber or transcriptionist, then all you need to do is head over to our website at escribr.com.

You will learn there everything that you need to start and become a successful general transcriptionist.

“General” means you will be transcribing a wide variety of subjects for different markets.

You can start working for companies like GoTranscript, Scribie, and other transcription companies that do accept beginners.

Once you’ve gained enough experience, we suggest you look for direct clients through LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork so you can set your own rates.

Now, if you think you got what it takes to be an exceptional writer for these types of work, get on with it and create your own profile and start offering your services on Fiverr, Upwork, or Guru.

These are trusted websites that connect clients and freelancers.

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