Bestselling Services on Fiverr

15 Bestselling Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the best sites for discovering fast online jobs to do in your spare time.

And if you want to grow your virtual career, this platform might also be a fun method to figure out which of the most popular Fiverr gigs can be added to your services.

You can utilize it for research and to reconsider your freelance options.

There are several freelancing sites similar to Fiverr, such as Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, and People Per Hour, among others, but Fiverr is one of the most popular.

The best part about this site is that you can start selling your services for as little as $5.

Why you need to consider selling your services on Fiverr:

1. Starting and working as a freelancer is quite straightforward; no prior expertise is required.

2. You can start charging as low as $5 for your gig. But don’t think that you can only charge $5 for your services. There’s great earning potential on Fiverr once you’ve established your reputation.

3. You can provide microservices that do not require staff or a significant amount of effort.

4. You have the option of working from home and at your own pace. You have the option of selecting a time that is convenient for you. The best part is that you can pause your Gig and take a break whenever you want.

5. Fiverr is significantly more user-friendly and easy.

6. This is a fantastic website where you can find unconventional ideas. If you have a passion for a subject and can deliver services, Fiverr could be the place for you.

7. On Fiverr, you don’t have to beg for work, which means you don’t have to contact buyers to sell your services; instead, you simply post a gig, and the buyer will contact you based on their needs.

8. You can withdraw your funds using a number of options, which include PayPal and direct bank transfer. Payouts can be made quickly and easily without waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.

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Check out these 15 bestselling services on Fiverr. You might have the expertise to provide these services yourself and start earning money.


1. Pinterest Pin Creation

Bloggers and business owners are increasingly focusing their efforts on Pinterest traffic because it’s the second most valuable source of traffic that converts leads into sales.

As a result, many people are willing to pay high fees to designers to create Pinterest pins for their website or blog.

If you have a rudimentary understanding of how to make Pinterest pins, you can make money by selling this service on Fiverr.

Get Paid to Pin

Tools you can use to design Pinterest Pins:

(1) Canva – With Canva’s free version, you can create great visuals. But it’s recommended that you upgrade to Canva Pro if you plan on producing a lot of pins and graphics for a client.

(2) Crello – Similar to Canva. You can create pins for free. It also has some fantastic short videos that you can use to make video Pins. 

(3) RelayThat – This tool is a time-saver. RelayThat can get the task done in a fraction of the time rather than spending hours creating Pinterest pins for the week.


(4) Snappa – It features a large library of templates and high-resolution images to help you get started with your graphic design.

2. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a Fiverr job that people with digital drawing skills could do.

It’s a great entry-level work for anyone who can design interesting animations.

A simple 30-second whiteboard animation work can cost $175, plus you can add features like narration, HD resolution, watermarking, and more for an additional price.


Tools you can use to create whiteboard animation:

(1) VideoScribe – If you use this tool, you won’t be needing any stop-motion animation, expensive software, or help from experts.

(2) Doodly – This software has a drag-and-drop interface that makes creating sketches simple. Doodly is unique in that it is easy to use even for beginners. You can rapidly produce several types of videos using Doodly.

(3) Doodlemaker – The software comes with a range of built-in features that can be used to enhance videos and make a lasting impact on viewers. A total novice can create doodle videos in no time because of its simplicity.

3. Photo Editing

You may provide photo editing services on Fiverr if you know how to use Photoshop and other photo editing software.

Simply erase the image background, retouch fashion, edit Amazon product photos, and so on.

You can also utilize online image editing tools to help you create more stunning photos.

Tools you can use to edit photos:

(1) Photoshop – Photoshop is a fantastic tool. Although it is the best program for photo editing, it is not easy to use, especially for novices. The software can be used for color correction, cropping, straightening, retouching, masking, and removing the background.

(2) PicMonkey – Another important tool when it comes to image editing is. There are a number of Photoshop-like filters available in PicMonkey, so you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to use them.

(3) Picsart – This app provides you the tools you need to turn your shot into a masterpiece. It has a lot of features, which include background remover, filters and effects, text editor, size presets, and a whole lot more.


(4) Gimp – GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free, open-source image editing program. Advanced users can employ filters, Bezier curves, layer masks, and an animation package, among other things. It also offers good support for plugins that are pre-installed or may be downloaded.

4. Product Description

It’s a fun job, but it requires a lot of imagination and a thorough understanding of the product.

You can also choose this gig on Fiverr if you have expertise and experience writing product descriptions.

Almost every product presented on the internet needs a product description.

For example, all Amazon products have a description, and any product that you search for on Google has a few lines written about it as well.

You can make a lot of money if you know how to do this.


If you haven’t done it before, you can look at some of the descriptions on Amazon to see how they’re written.

Since no prior experience or educational background is required, you can definitely give it a try.

Tools you can use to create product description:

(1) Snazzy AI – It has free and paid plans. The free package gives users access to all of Snazzy AI’s content templates but just five actions per day. You’ll get unlimited content production, advanced support with same-day responses, and early access to any new platform features if you upgrade to the subscription plan.

(2) Rytr – It is artificial intelligence (AI)-powered writing assistant that generates high-quality material in a matter of seconds.

(3) Quillbot – This is a free paraphrasing tool that you can use to write product descriptions.


(4) Peppertype – You can sign up for free to use this tool. With their Starter Plan, you can generate unlimited content, which makes it the perfect writing tool for freelancers.

(5) Inkforall – This software has both Free and Pro plans. It’s a great tool to start out writing product descriptions.

5. Logo design

Many organizations have utilized Fiverr to design an attractive logo for their business.

An increasing number of Fiverr users are looking for help in designing a logo for their business or making changes to an existing one.

For logo design, you don’t need a lot of experience.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

For those who are talented at creating distinctive and original logos, this may be a great chance.

You need to demonstrate your creativity.

So if you have a portfolio, then show it off.

Learning logo design is simple and may be completed in a short period of time.

You can make a lot of money by providing logo design services.

If you have experience and have previously designed logos for large corporations, you can earn $75 to $100 for just one logo.

Tools you can use to design logos:

(1) Canva – It has a free logo builder that gives you everything you need to design a unique logo quickly and easily. Be inspired by using hundreds of templates to create a logo online in no time.

(2) Themeisle Logo Maker – Pictures and SVGs are free to use. It has a very user-friendly interface. Use the design studio’s infinite color combinations and font selections to create your own unique designs.

(3) DesignHill – Create one-of-a-kind and user-friendly logos using this tool to make a company stand out. You choose your top five design styles, and then the system will create a number of customized templates to make a fantastic brand.

(4) Hatchful – A simple logo maker from Shopify. You can generate a boatload of templates with just four or five clicks. It includes an easy-to-use UI that is perfect for beginners.

6. Article Writing

Several companies hire article writers to generate traffic to their websites.

Well-written articles can help a firm reach new heights.

You won’t be able to make an impression if you don’t do this.

If you have outstanding writing skills, this might be one of the most popular gigs on Fiverr.

In recent years, we have seen its popularity soar due to its increasing demand.

Tools you can use to write articles:

(1) Rytr – This is a tool that you can use to write unique articles using AI.

(2) Grammarly – Use this to check for errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.

(3) Ai Writer – Uses technology to automatically produce unique texts for your content. It aids in the creation of new articles as well as the improvement of old ones. You simply type in a title or a group of keywords linked to your content, and the writing bot will create a unique post for you. Ai Writer offers a one-week trial. The Standard Plan, which costs $49 per month, is perfect for freelancers offering article writing for clients.


7. Video Tutorials

Numerous experts in various fields, such as cooking, coaching, marketing, and more, produce tutorial videos.

A lot of them hire video instructional creators to help them promote their products.

If you enjoy creating video tutorials, you can earn between $20 and $25 for every video.

Tools you can use to create video tutorials:

(1) InVideo – You can use ready-to-use templates to make it simple to create a video in a short amount of time.


(2) Shotcut – A free application that you can download and install on your computer. You can use it to edit your videos and uses effects. It’s a powerful tool for beginners and professional video editors.

(3) Renderforest – Create interesting and educational video tutorials with this tool. It offers video themes that can be adjusted to draw the attention of your target audience.

8. Spokesperson

You can become a spokesman for a company’s website if you are excellent at public speaking and have a good voice, diction, pronunciation, attitude, and appearance.


5 Day VA Challenge

You can charge by the number of words you’re going to say on camera, like this guy who charges $90 for 100 words.

Websites, pop-ups, YouTube videos, and other media use these videos as welcome messages.

This work can be done on a per-video basis, as needed, or on a full-time or part-time basis.

Ultimately, the decision is yours.

You can basically do this with just your cellphone camera and just change the background after recording.


9. Transcribe Audio and Video Files

This task is also in high demand on Fiverr since clients need audio recordings in written form. 

You won’t get a fixed rate because it varies on the length of the file, the file’s clarity, and other considerations.

You can expect to earn roughly $5 or more for transcribing a 10-minute audio track.

There are many individuals doing this on Fiverr, so there will be a lot of competition for you.

However, if you are confident in yourself, it is worth a go.

Tools you can use to transcribe:

(1) Otter – Automatic transcription.

(2) ExpressScribe – A transcription tool to play and pause the audio or video.

(3) Grammarly – Checks spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

Free Transcription Training

10. Write Reviews

You can earn money on Fiverr by giving your opinion on a given topic.

You may even be paid $100 to $150 for reviewing bestselling books.

The job is quite a simple and straightforward job that does not require any expertise or prior experience.

Tools you can use to write reviews:

(1) Rytr – A great tool to write automatic reviews.

(2) Grammarly – Checks writing errors to make your reviews look more professional.

11. Proofreading and Editing

If you are good at finding mistakes in language, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, Fiverr can be a good place for you to make money.

Book, blog, service page, article, and other written materials require the services of proofreaders.

The demand for proofreaders is increasing as a result of digitalization, as people submit a lot of information online and need proofreaders to edit and make it error-free.

You can earn $30 to $100 if you edit 10,000 words. 

You can charge more money if you have more experience.

Tools you can use to proofread:

(1) Ginger – It’s a grammar checker. There’s even a feature that helps you hone your writing abilities with customized exercises.

(2) PaperRater – Improves your writing using artificial intelligence.

12. Design Book Covers

Fiverr is a wonderful place to start if you have graphic design talents and the know-how to create beautiful book covers.

If you were to sell this service here, you could charge a fair amount for it.

Tools you can use to design book covers:

(1) Canva

(2) PosterMyWall – It has over 6,000 templates you can use to design stunning book and Kindle covers.


(3) Visme – Use the customizable book cover templates to captivate readers with your design.

(4) Book Brush – A straightforward approach to make high-quality graphics for book covers in a short time.

13. Resume and Cover Letter Writer

Some people find it difficult to write a resume or cover letter, so they ask someone else to do it.

This could include: creating resumes from scratch, editing an existing resume to be utilized for a certain job application, writing a cover letter, and updating a LinkedIn page on someone else’s behalf.

Tools you can use to write resumes and cover letters:

(1) Rezi – Great for job seekers who want to improve their resumes and get more interviews. For just $9/mo, you can create unlimited resumes and cover letters.

(2) SkillRoads – Main services include a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile writing. They are most known for their AI Resume Generator, which uses artificial intelligence to create the best promotional resume for your future job.

14. Mobile App and Game Developer

The development of mobile apps has evolved rapidly since smartphones became the standard. Mobile apps will still be in demand this year and in the future.

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Game creation is no exception.

The need for new apps/games will always exist, and people will always be ready to get their hands on these products.

With these tools, you can build apps even if you’re not a techie or don’t know how to code.

Tools you can use to build apps and games:

(1) AppGyver – You can create an app without knowing how to code, and this application has the capability with both mobile apps and web apps. With its drag-and-drop simplicity, you can create an app for any platform, web or mobile, without wasting a lot of time.

(2) Appsheet – Using AppSheet is both powerful and fun. Using its graphical interface, novice/amateur programmers can create comprehensive web apps with minimal HTML/CSS expertise.


15. Social Media Content Creator

In addition to content research and planning, the work also requires the creation of actual content, which might be a simple Facebook update or tweet, an infographic to put on Instagram or a short video, etc.

Social media assignments might be detailed, such as setting up Instagram advertisements for a business or writing Facebook updates over a period of time.

A month-long contract or a social media campaign can also be arranged with the client’s approval.

Tools you can use to create social media content:

(1) Canva – Create cool Instagram and Facebook posts.

(2) InVideo – A fantastic tool to generate videos for social networking.

(3) Adobe Spark – Excellent for making images, quotations, movies, and stories.

(4) Stencil – Designed to make the process of creating social media graphics more efficient. In addition to the web app, it provides browser extensions for producing photos from any website.