Do Freelancers Need a Website to Be Successful in Freelancing?

With numerous sites to create a freelance profile like Upwork, LinkedIn, Freelancer, Hubstaff, among others, is it necessary for you as a freelancer to have your own website?

The simple answer to that is yes, you definitely need a website.

Professional profiles are very important for drawing in clients who are looking to hire freelancers on those sites.

Yet having a specialized website for your freelance business is one of the most important things you can do to stand apart from the group.

If you intend to grow your business and also start attracting the perfect customers that pay well, having a profile in different freelance marketplaces is not enough.

Your website as a freelancer is the initial step in obtaining clients because it is considered to be your digital storefront. You get to have your brand name and your portfolio.

A website enhances your exposure and also takes your brand name to the next level, from working $10 per hour as a service provider in Upwork to being a founder.

There are many freelancers who started out in Upwork and other freelance marketplaces that now have built their own website, their own brand, and are now crushing it, having their own freelance business.

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Their freelance business didn’t thrive until they developed their website as a freelancer.

They initially started freelancing, charging an hourly rate for their services.

They needed to work more than 60 hours a week at least just to make sufficient cash.

They spent so much time bidding for available projects, several of which became brand-new contracts yet was mostly a wild-goose chase.

It had not been till they developed a website that they began getting job inquiries.

People were then finding them, and clients were coming to them.

Some also found them via their blog, on social media, and also through Facebook groups that they actively participate in.

Interested clients were able to come to their website, saw their services, and reached out to work together.

They then began putting together packages for their services and charging higher rates.

They then realized that it’s possible to earn the same amount but working fewer hours.

In addition, they were able to provide better services to their ideal clients. They then stopped investing too much time pitching but not converting.

Having a website was a total transformation for their freelance business.

It helped them to stand apart, to look professional, to connect better with clients, boost prices, begin attracting target clients, as well as quit wasting time chasing clients.

With so many competitors in the freelancing world, a website is definitely a must-have for serious freelancers.

Discussed below are the reasons why it is necessary for freelancers to have their own website.

A Professional Look

Putting in the time to develop a home for your service online shows the world that you take your business seriously and sends the impression that you’re an expert in what you do.


Your website says something about who you are, what you do, and who you deal with. It presents to prospective clients what you can do.

Having a website is important if you wish to be taken seriously as a freelancer and charge the prices you desire.

freelance website
Elna Cain’s website simply looks professional and clearly states what she does.

Showcase Your Skills as a Freelancer

Similar to endorsements from past clients, previous job examples show your abilities.

Clients will want to see your portfolio or samples of the work done previously to see if you’re the right fit for the role they want to fill.

A website will let you present your skills.

You can have a video, an image, a text, or audio of your work to give an idea of what you’re good at.

For instance, if you’re a writer, show a sample of an article you’ve written. If you’re a voice talent, upload a video or an audio of yourself.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

Clients will appreciate seeing work samples to get a clear picture of your skillset.

freelance website2

Display Client Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials can take your portfolio up another level by building more trust.

You can show off everything you can do and how great your services are. However, it’s more believable coming from somebody else.

Always request clients to leave feedback or review that you can post on your website.

freelance website 3

Clients Come to You Directly

As a freelancer trying to win a project, you wish to make an excellent impression.

You want to be considered as an expert in what you do.

Having a website so that clients can come to you directly is a great method to do that.

They’ll instantly get to see a few of your work and the services you provide, enabling them to make an immediate connection in their mind of how you can assist them.

Your network and previous clients can likewise more quickly make recommendations for you when you have website.

People can check you out first via your website before they even decide to connect with you.

A Show of Trustworthiness and Credibility

There are a number of clients who have had negative experiences hiring freelancers.

They hired someone who then all of a sudden vanished midway through the task. They stopped responding to emails and messages, or probably the freelancer stated they could do the job but then was not able to deliver on their promise.

The end result: the client loses trust in freelancers.

Having a website shows that you are serious about what you do.

It shows professionalism and trustworthiness — that you’re an expert who they can rely on and not someone just looking to make a quick buck.

Your photos, testimonials, and content also help to communicate that you take your business seriously.

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If you take your work seriously, then for sure you’re one step ahead of your competition.

Provide More Detailed Information About Your Services

A Services page on a website enables you to get into greater detail about the services you provide.

State all the information of what it’s like to work with you so they understand precisely what to anticipate prior to getting on a call with you.

This page is actually handy for individuals originating from recommendations or discovering you from social media.

It clarifies what you do, who you assist, and how you assist them.

Showing rates is an individual option. However, if you do choose to show prices, then customers will understand ahead of time what the financial investment will be.

You can stick to how much you charge and prevent clients from offering unrealistically low estimates for the task they want you to accomplish.

Add a “Work with Me” button on your page to prompt clients to work with you immediately.

freelance website 4

Onboarding New Clients

Rather than bidding on projects and chasing clients on different freelance marketplaces, a website can assist you to manage new leads like a professional.

You can embed a form or survey on your Contact page for customers to connect with you directly.

By doing this, you can tell them exactly what you need to know.

freelance website 5

Anything you can do to make the hiring easier and simpler for your clients and anything you can do to make onboarding a client also easier and simpler for you is absolutely beneficial to both parties.

Develop an Email List

When you have an email list, this means you already have a list of individuals who have an interest in what you are doing, wish to speak with you, and like your work, which means you are just an email away from getting a brand-new customer.

How do you build an email list?

Through your website.

Add an opt-in form on your website so that you can collect your potential clients’ emails.

You can send out tips and useful information to your list so that they are constantly reminded that your service exists.

Produce Content

You may be familiar with “content is king.” Any type of business these days always have something to share whether it’s a blog post, an ebook, a checklist, etc.

Freelancers are no exception. They need to share content.

The content you produce helps build you as an expert in your field, shows client your capabilities, builds trust, contributes to your portfolio, gets you discovered on social media, and boosts SEO.

Put content out there because it can help you attract more clients.

freelance website7
Elna Cain regularly shares content on her blog.
freelance website 8
That’s why when you search for a freelance writer, her name shows up on the
first page of Google.

Communicate Your Personality

Your website as a freelancer resembles a digital representation of who you are.

With your website style, design, images, and copy, a prospective client can get a much better concept of who you are and what you’re like.

When they understand a bit more about you, they’ll feel a much deeper connection, much deeper than they would from just knowing what you do.

You can add on your About page the things you love outside of work — your love for cats, your fascination with the stars, etc.

freelance website 6
Elna Cain has these fun facts about herself on her website.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

These things can make a client feel an instantaneous connection with you if they happen to have the same interests as you.

They’ll begin to like you prior to they even meeting you.

Grow Your Business

Your website will help you grow your business.

It can bring in customers to you instead of you constantly chasing them on freelancing websites.

It will assist you to develop an audience so you can one day have other earning streams.

Having a website is the very first step to transitioning from a freelancer to founder.


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