How Freelancers Get High-Paying Clients on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is most generally associated with job seeking and recruiting, it is also an excellent social network for identifying and engaging with prospects and clients.

Because getting new clients is typically the primary challenge for new freelance businesses, LinkedIn might be your solution to securing new client contracts.

However, it requires strategies to stand out among the 673 million+ users of LinkedIn to make sure your efforts are working for you.

If you employ this strategy, you’ll find that LinkedIn may be a very effective tool for attracting high-paying clients and expanding your freelance business.

1. Create a professional profile.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for showcasing your abilities.

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Make sure it presents you in the best possible manner.

This article talks about how to do this.

2. Join LinkedIn groups.

Joining groups is the next stage in learning how to get clients on LinkedIn once you’ve created your profile.

You may join up to 100 LinkedIn groups, but you must keep track of your affiliations, so don’t join too many at once.

Select those that will help you achieve your career objectives.

For example, you may join a generic group for your industry, followed by a number of groups for your niche.

You should also join the groups that your potential clientele would join.

It’s simple to find a group on LinkedIn.

All you have to do is look up a relevant phrase and then choose the group that most interests you.

It is vital to actively participate in the organizations you join.

Look for questions in the group’s conversations, react when you can, and provide relevant information.

This establishes your expertise to your target audience.

As a result of your posts, perhaps a group member will become your next potential customer.

If they do not, they may know someone who does and may be able to recommend you.

3. Make a request to connect with people you’d want to collaborate with.

You should add everyone who is a member of your most active LinkedIn groups as a connection, but don’t stop there.


When you come across a potential consumer who piques your interest, ask to connect with them as well.

Trying to connect with someone when you don’t have any other connections in common might be difficult, but that doesn’t mean your request will be rejected indefinitely.

At least, not if you know what you’re doing.

When submitting your connection request, please do not leave the input box blank.

Create a message that entices the connection to look at your profile and accept your invitation.

You may say something like this:

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

Hello, [name].

I saw your profile and was pleased by your experience in [related industry].

I’m always eager to learn more about [topic], especially from experts like you.

Is it all right if we connect?

Because you know the same person or persons, the client may be more likely to trust you.

Keep an eye on who is looking at your profile.

You may also contact these people, indicating that you glanced at their profile after they saw yours and that you’d want to connect.

With this strategy, you have a better possibility of earning an approval rate.

4. Send a LinkedIn message to your new connections.

Now that you’ve made contact with your new prospects, it’s time to follow up with them.

Remember, your objective is to enlighten leads on how you can assist them in fixing their key issue.

Here are some ideas:

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• Send a quick update with a link to an article you believe they’ll find valuable.

• Provide an industry update relevant to their organization.

• Invite them to your next webinar, which will cover X, Y, and Z.

A lot of people fail to follow up once the initial connection has been made.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Connecting is only the first step.

Now that you have their attention, it is up to you to show your skill and knowledge by sending relevant and valuable information.

5. Include testimonials in your profile.

If you’re still unsure about how to attract clients on LinkedIn, consider including testimonials in your profile.

Buyers trust a brand more after seeing positive testimonials.

Prospective clients may be enticed to try you out if you have prior and present clientele complimenting your services on your profile.

Of course, testimonials do not come out of nowhere on your page.

You may always ask your network for favorable feedback, but providing testimonials for others is more effective.

However, don’t make a great deal out of leaving testimonials for individuals in your network.

Simply go about your business quietly, and positive karma will eventually flood your page with testimonials.

Here’s another piece of advice about writing testimonials.

Make sure that if you post a review on another person’s page, someone you’ve previously dealt with or used their services.

Your testimonials have the ability to influence someone’s decision, so use that power wisely.

6. Share useful content on LinkedIn aimed towards high-paying clients.

Every day, share high-quality, meaningful information on LinkedIn.

This puts you in front of your audience, increasing the likelihood that they will remember you when they have an issue that you can address.

Furthermore, they may share your work, exposing you to an even larger audience and providing you with additional options.

Posting outstanding information on a regular basis adds value to everyone who views your profile.

It also strengthens your ties with your target audience and gives them a taste of your knowledge before they pay you.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

Are you ready to get high-paying clients on LinkedIn?

Spend time each week putting these strategies into action if you want clients to come knocking on your door.

It does not need a special formula.

It does not demand a significant advertising budget.

It takes well-planned strategies. It takes consistent action.

It is also necessary to know how to maximize your time on LinkedIn.


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