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1. Send a request by filling out the Transcription Request form. You may choose the freelance transcriber or transcribers, or allow us to assign the project to whomever is available. You may assign all projects to one freelance transcriber or split them to multiple freelance transcribers. If you want them to follow escribr's Transcription Guidelines and use escribr's Transcript Template, please mention it in the project details.

2. Send the payment via PayPal. escribr is a pay-as-you-go service. escribr sends you the invoice on behalf of the transcriber. The transcriber starts working on the project as soon as the payment is sent.

3. Get the transcript. Transcripts are sent on a Word doc via email on or before the specified deadline.

4. Check the transcript. You have 7 days to review the transcript. You may send the transcript for revision or reedit if necessary free of charge. If we don't receive any such request, we will assume that the transcript is okay, and we'll forward the payment to the freelance transcriber.

5. Leave feedback. (recommended but not required) We appreciate constructive feedback. Please identify the freelance transcriber's strong points as well as areas of improvement. We believe that general transcription is a continuous learning process. What better way to learn than from you?


What type of service do escribr freelance transcribers offer?

We mainly do General Transcription. However, you may also find freelance transcribers who listed Medical/Legal Transcription as their other skill/s. You may also hire them for Medical/Legal Transcription projects.

What is the rate per audio hour?

Choose the transcriber that fits your budget.

Beginner: $15 per audio hour (Skill: Good)
Advanced: $30 per audio hour (Skill: Very Good)
Expert: $60 per audio hour (Skill: Excellent)

Transcribers may charge an additional fee based on your request (eg. if you want a timestamp to be inserted every minute).

Are the rates the same for other services?

The rates may or may not be the same. The freelance transcribers set their own rates for other services they offer.

Do you screen the members of your team?

Yes. All members of each level have undergone the assessment test. However, the tests are designed for General Transcription only. You may ask the transcribers to take any test that you require for other services.

Do you offer a free sample?

Please indicate in your request that you require a sample (5 minutes max). Transcribers who are willing to do a free sample will respond to your request.

Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

You may request the transcriber to sign a non-disclosure agreement before she or he works on the project.

Do you offer Captioning/Subtitling services?

You may find freelance transcribers who listed Captioning/Subtitling/Copy Typing as their other skill/s. You may also hire them for Captioning/Subtitling/Copy Typing projects.

Do you offer transcription services in other languages?

Yes. You may use the search function on our website to search the freelance transcribers who can transcribe in the language you want. Just type the language in the search bar.

I sent the wrong file. Can I get a refund?

We're only able to refund work that isn't yet completed. Let us know ASAP if you want us to stop working on a file, and we'll gladly refund whatever is not transcribed.

What if the freelance transcriber did not deliver the transcript?

If the freelance transcriber did not deliver the transcript and did not have proper communication with you, you may assign the project to another transcriber or let us do it in-house. If you want to cancel the project, you may do so and you will get a full refund.

For further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us. 


1. Respond to a transcription request. The client's request containing the project details is forwarded to you via email. Respond to it if you're available and want to work on the project.

2. Work on the project assigned to you. If you're chosen by the client to work on a project, submit the transcript on or before the specified deadline.

3. Receive payment. Payments are sent daily via PayPal. Make sure you have a verified PayPal account.

4. Get feedback. If you receive constructive criticisms, please don’t get offended or beat yourself up. Use it as a learning experience to do better next time. 


How do I become part of the escribr Freelance Transcribers community?

Take and pass the assessment test.

What type of service do escribr Freelance Transcribers offer?

We mainly do General Transcription. If you're a medical/legal transcriptionist, take the assessment test and list medical/legal transcription as your other skill.

Do I have to take the assessment test for all levels?

It's totally up to you. If your goal is to get paid $60 per audio hour, then take the test until you reach the Expert Level. But be ready to take on more challenging files as clients would more than likely choose the transcribers on the Expert Level for difficult audios.

Do you accept transcribers from anywhere in the world?

Yes. It doesn't matter where you are in the world.

Do I set my own rate?

For General Transcription services, the rates are fixed per level.

Beginner: $15/audio hour

Advanced: $30/audio hour

Expert: $60/audio hour.

You may charge the client an additional fee based on their request; for example, you charge an additional fee for full verbatim since it's a more difficult task. It's totally up to you. For other services, you may set your own rates.

How do I get paid?

Payments are sent via PayPal. Make sure you have a verified PayPal account.

What fees do you charge freelance transcribers?

escribr is free to join. We take a percentage of your earnings: 15% from the standard rate and 5% from the additional fee.


Standard rate = $30/ah (Advanced Level)

Audio hours completed = 5 hours

Additional fee = $5/ah (fee you charge for full verbatim transcription)

30 x 5 = 150 x 15% = 22.50

5 x 5 = 25 x 5% = 1.25

Total fee = $23.75

Do I have to send an invoice to the client?

No. We'll do that for you. But we recommend that you keep a list of the projects you have completed so that you can monitor how much you earned.

How do I share a project to other freelance transcribers?

Fill out the Share A Project form.

Can I get help from other freelance transcribers for projects I have outside of escribr?

Yes, but it's going to be a pay-as-you-go method. Conversely, if the project is from escribr, no payment up front is necessary.

I want to become a freelance transcriber. Do you offer any trainings?

Yes. Check out The Complete Course for Transcription Newbies.

For further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.


1. You may download and use escribr's Transcription Rules and Transcript Template below. Feel free to use your own if the client does not require you to follow a specific formatting style. Use clean verbatim transcription unless the client instructs otherwise.

Right-click and Save link as...

Transcription Rules

Transcript Template

2. Always do your best and always submit the transcript on time. (If you're in a different time zone, please refer to the escribr time displayed on our website to avoid delays.) If problems arise, please send an email soon as possible.

3. If you share a project with other freelance transcribers, make sure to edit their work and give them feedback if necessary. The client will review you and not the transcriber who helped you.

4. Once you've submitted the transcript to the client, give them 7 days to check your work. If they request a revision or reedit, please do so free of charge. The payment will not be released to you until the client is satisfied. If no request for revision or reedit is received within 7 days, the payment will be forwarded to you.

5. Email us if you need help with anything (e.g. how to download a video embedded on a website, how to extract the audios from a PowerPoint presentation, etc). We'll do our best to assist you.

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