Become a Freelance Copywriter with No Experience

How to Become a Freelance Copywriter with No Experience

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It is possible to become a freelance copywriter even without prior experience.

To get started, you’ll need a few basic skills, such as a solid grasp of spelling and grammar, as well as the ability to generate fascinating, engaging work.

It is not necessary to have a formal or professional background, although it is excellent if you have some personal writing experience.

What qualifications are necessary to become a freelance copywriter?

As previously said, a freelance copywriter must have great spelling and grammar skills.

If you deliver your clients work that has problems and mistakes, they are unlikely to return for more.

Copywriters who work for themselves must also have a keen sense of timing.

You will need to schedule your own research and writing times to meet your clients’ deadlines, so effective time management is crucial.

It is also advantageous if you have prior writing expertise.

This does not need to be a formal, professional experience.

Do you keep a blog that you regularly update?

5 Day VA Challenge

Have you ever generated content for a friend’s business or for a volunteer project?

Share links to your work and show off your skills.

If you don’t have any links to share right now, why not start a blog and showcase your writing abilities?

Choose a topic that interests you, be creative, and start providing samples of work you may do for your clients.

Is a bachelor’s degree or prior experience required?

Every client is distinct, as are the writing tasks.

Some clients may want writers to have a certain degree or qualification, while others may want to see examples of your work in a relevant area before hiring you.

Many independent copywriters have studied English, literature, or journalism.

Others enter the field after graduating with degrees in marketing or business.

However, any degree or other qualification might aid you in copywriting.

If you have a background in sports, music, art, or history, look for writing positions that will allow you to put your knowledge to use.

You can become a top-tier copywriter even if you don’t have a formal degree.

The lack of a degree should not be a barrier.

Many clients are looking for someone with a good writing style, in-depth understanding of the subject area, and a great portfolio of writing samples.

You can become a freelance copywriter even if you have no prior experience.

If you want to work as a freelance copywriter but lack experience, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to educate you on how to become a freelance copywriter without experience the fast and easy way.

You are not going to learn theory about how to become a copywriter here.

Rather, you will learn how to actually become one.

1. Create a niche for yourself.

Getting started as a freelance copywriter without prior experience is much easier when you draw on your existing skills.

Are you into cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency reviews are constantly in high demand.

Do you have a green thumb?

Horticulture blogs and companies would appreciate your knowledge.

You may lack formal writing experience, but you do possess a unique set of skills and expertise that might be incredibly beneficial to the proper client.


2. Go where there are paying clients.

Internet freelancing markets like Upwork or Fiverr give you a direct path to real paying clients, even if you’re brand new to professional copywriting.

You can simply apply to any of the tens of thousands of copywriting assignments that are presently being published on these sites on a regular basis.

The sheer amount of qualified projects currently placed on sites like Upwork on a daily basis will function as a catalyst for breaking into copywriting and making money while developing your talents, rather than the other way around.

Simply said, going where the clients are is the first step in playing the game smartly.

Don’t be that one old-school copywriter who is hell-bent on finding their own clients when there’s a great little app that can link you with them in droves, fast and economically.

3. Reach out to potential clients.

You can also approach the clients for whom you want to write and offer them your services.

Pitching work to newspapers and companies may be scary at first, but with a little experience and tenacity, it will soon become second nature.

Work completed independently of an agency is excellent for expanding your portfolio, as long as the client grants permission for it to be utilized.

The more thorough and relevant your work examples become, the more likely it is that you will be able to land a job through pitching.

4. Recognize the one thing that clients genuinely care about.

Average clients aren’t interested in your portfolio or how much time you’ve spent practicing copywriting.

All they really want to know is that you can do your work in a way that pleases them.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

If you talk to a hundred different clients who all need copywriting, they will all want something entirely different.

This variety of expertise is one of the reasons that even the most well-known copywriters present examples of their previous work.

It provides prospective clients confidence that we will accomplish their projects appropriately.

All things being equal, the copywriter who can present the customer with the most relevant writing sample to what they want will be hired for any given task.

Because each client’s requirements are so unique, most copywriters (even experienced ones) will lack a highly relevant writing sample to show for a specific task.

This is where your opportunity as a new copywriter comes into play.

Despite hundreds of hours of copywriting expertise, if you and an experienced copywriter were competing for one project and you could show the client even one single incredibly relevant writing example, you’d probably get the job.

It is vital to recognize that delivering the appropriate sample to customers provides you an advantage when it comes to winning a copywriting job.

When done right, it’s like letting them look into a crystal ball and see that you’re the greatest person to do their project exactly how they want it.

5. Get in touch with other writers.

Make an attempt to seek other freelance writers in the online space.

It’s a good idea to follow influential people on social media.

Copywriting professionals are usually happy to answer questions and help newcomers to the industry, and they regularly share links to writing tasks that pay freelancers.

You might also connect with writers who write about topics that interest you and read and share their work with them.

Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions.

6. Conduct research.

Before creating any writing samples, research what genuine paying clients were looking for — and then tailor your writing samples to meet their needs.

Upwork is a fantastic market research tool in this regard because it delivers a wealth of information on thousands of real-world clients in just a few minutes of scanning job listings.

In the beginning, you’re seeking copywriting jobs that do not necessitate any specialized or technical skills that you do not possess.

They are small enough that you can do them in a few hours to a few days, avoiding getting in over your head.

They provide clear details of what the client truly requires.

The more you know, the better and more relevant your samples will be.

7. Create a Portfolio

For the time being, your copywriting portfolio will just comprise one example, which should be enough to land you the job.

It will be tailored to the client’s needs, providing you a strong opportunity of attracting their attention and outperforming even more experienced competition.

Everything boils down to accuracy and efficiency.

Make the most of every sample you create.

5 Day VA Challenge

Other freelancers will submit hundreds of projects with examples that will be irrelevant to 99 percent of clients.

For your copywriting portfolio, there are two key factors to remember:

1. Select something similar but not identical.

As previously said, you should create a sample that is identical to what the buyer actually needs.

At the same time, you don’t want to carry this idea so far that you unintentionally write them a free sample.

Free labor is not permitted on platforms like Upwork, and there’s no need to attract unethical clients in the first place.

A good rule of thumb is to write anything that exhibits your competence to do the project but isn’t directly valuable to the consumer.

2. Keep it brief.

You undoubtedly want to promote quality, but there’s no reason to make your sample much longer than required.

Remember, the goal is to give them a taste of what you have to offer; so 200 – 400 words is enough, depending on the type of material you’re creating.

Clients will appreciate your brevity because they are frequently busy people – each minute you can save them will get you brownie points.

The sooner you complete your first sample, the sooner you may be able to start earning money for your efforts.

Your first writing sample may be completed in just an hour after you opened your Upwork account, and also may secure you your first job.

How to write your first copywriting sample

If you don’t know how to execute one of your copywriting samples before sitting down to create them, use Google to figure it out.

While this isn’t always the greatest approach to learn copywriting, you’d be surprised at how much knowledge is available when you’re just getting started and need to learn just enough to get the job done.

8. Sign up in a Copywriting Agency

Signing up for a membership in a digital copywriting agency, is an ideal place to start your freelancing career.

The procedure is quite straightforward and quick.

You will be requested to submit a writing sample for review, and if approved, you will be able to take orders instantly.

Agencies are perfect for new writers since they assist you in gaining experience and establishing your writing reputation.

You will also get access to support services and be compensated for your work.

One of the most unpleasant and time-consuming components of a new freelancer’s business is invoicing clients and recovering unpaid bills.

An agency takes care of that worry while also guaranteeing that you are adequately compensated for your services.

Instead of seeking copywriting jobs on your own, you might work with a copywriting agency and have them provide you with their work.

Agencies typically outsource copywriting jobs to freelance copywriters, both offline and online copywriting.

Getting agencies on board is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to launch a copywriting firm.

How can you get one of these jobs?

• Create a list of all the web marketing firms in your city or town.

• Walk into their office and introduce yourself as a freelance copywriter searching for employment. Visiting them in person is best. However, you can also try emailing them or cold calling them.

• Keep in touch. An agency might be a copywriting agency or not. They may specialize in site design or paid traffic promotion. The idea is to discover organizations that have people who could benefit from your services. Because everyone who has a website needs strong copywriting, it’s simple for a web design service to upsell consumers on copywriting.

Inexperienced copywriters have a built-in safety net.

Fear is one of the top reasons for aspiring copywriters to train and work on their portfolios for lengthy periods of time.

That is very understandable.

They don’t want to get in before they’re ready because they don’t want to go in over their heads and sabotage a project where money and their reputation are at stake.

Fortunately, when you provide a client with a copywriting sample, you’re giving him or her a taste of what they may expect if they hire you.

If they like that sample, there’s no reason why they won’t like the rest of your work for them, given it’s all along the same lines.

This is not true for copywriters who supply consumers with samples that have little to do with their unique needs.

9. Setting up a freelance writing business

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

Once you’ve established yourself as a freelance copywriter, you may start looking for larger, more lucrative projects and aim to land long-term customers.

It may take some time and effort to move away from low-paying writing assignments and begin earning a decent living, but the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to be seen by the ideal consumer.

Over time, you will begin to build a writing portfolio, and you may obtain reviews and referrals from your customers.

The more work you do, the better your reputation.

Before you know it, you’ll be a seasoned freelance copywriter.

10. Continue to be compensated for writing a copy

We’ve just provided you with a method for becoming a copywriter that is faster, free, and far more straightforward.

It’s finally time to get started.

There is no need to postpone.

You’ve been writing since primary school, so we’re confident you can handle this one if you put your mind to it.



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