Legal Transcription – Interview with Marie


A little bit about myself.

I do have a full-time job. I work for a police force up here as a policy analyst, so it does keep me quite busy.

Finding the Perfect Side Hustle

So I found Learn to Transcribe online, and so I was kind of — because I do have a full-time job, I was looking for like a side gig, like something that I’m really passionate about and that I would really enjoy doing on the side.

And so when I found Learn to Transcribe and started reading up on it, you know, I hadn’t really heard of like transcription.

I mean, I did a little bit but not that much.

And so when I found Learn to Transcribe Academy and I started reading up on it, and at first I was like, oh, like, is this too good to be true? Like it looked like great.

And I was like, oh, my gosh, like this would be something I would really enjoy doing.

And the legal aspect is something that I really, really like.

Taking the Leap

And so when I found it, read up on it, and I was like, okay. And then I gave it a couple days to kind of think it over.

And I was like, you know what? I’m going to just jump right into it. I’m going to just take that little leap and see where it brings me.

And honestly, it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Learning in Depth

I absolutely love the course.

The amount of info is like insane.

There’s so much information in there. But it just brings you up to speed, like you have everything you need.

So you know, for some people, it could be overwhelming. It is a lot of information.

But once you get to the hands-on aspect, and you’re actually putting it into practice, and you’re being graded, and you know, someone’s actually looking over and pointing out like, this is what you need to work on.

And so it just gives you the, you know, you know where to focus after that.

This is my weak spot and this is what I’m doing, I’m going to be, you know, focusing on.

So that’s what I really, really enjoyed is that you have that feedback.

And you, Linda, are so responsive and there to help your students. So I just loved it. I absolutely loved it.

And I would recommend it to anyone that thinks that this might be something that is a right fit for them for sure.

Supportive Community

I really like the student group.

I think it allows you to kind of collaborate with other students that are experiencing the same thing, right?

So you’ll see some people are throwing questions in there.

And that might have been a question I had, but just didn’t think of posting it or, you know, and then, you know, you respond often.

But, I mean, sometimes even the other students are responding.

And so just having that collaborative aspect, I think, really, really, like, I think it just helps the course as a whole.

And if someone’s ever, you know, like, Oh, my gosh, like, I can’t this is, you know, whatever, but everyone’s going through the same thing.

And you just have to, you know, people graduate from this course.

Love it. I think it’s just something else about the course that kind of makes it stand out from everything else that you might see online.

I think this feels like you’re actually taking a class with a teacher and with other students.

And then on top of that, you have these other great things that you’re doing with the course, like the Zoom calls, which is awesome.

We cover various topics. We have guests that speak of different things that are extremely interesting.

And so I think that’s just something else that adds to your course. Yeah.

Best Advice: Take the Course

I think the last thing maybe is if anyone not in the course is thinking of taking it, I say take it.

I know it’s online, and some people might have hesitations, but I kind of took that leap of faith.

And trust me, it was really, really worth it.

So I can leave it on that note.

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