Are you still transcribing manually?

Save precious time by automating the process of converting hours of audio into readable text -- minus the hefty price tag.

machine transcription by escribr

Reasonably Priced  Machine Transcription

We understand machine transcription can be pricey, especially for freelance transcribers who are just starting out. That is why we've made it easier than ever to get your audio files transcribed. 

Risk Free

Our money-back guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind when ordering transcripts from us. If you don't get the transcripts delivered within the given timeframe, or if for any reason the transcript generated is not usable, we'll refund your money immediately.


For Freelance Transcribers and Businesses on a Budget

Don’t spend any more time stressing about transcripts for interviews, podcasts, and more. Just leave everything to us. 

For just $5, our machine
will transcribe for you...

not one, not two, and not even three audio hours. 


Pwetty cool, huh?


  • OPTION 1: $5 per order (Fixed Price) – Pay $5 for a maximum of 10 audio hours. Send your audio files at the same time. If they are less than 10 hours total, you will still be charged the $5 fixed price.
  • OPTION 2: $20 per order (Prepaid) – Pay $20 for a maximum of 40 audio hours. Send your audio files one at a time or in bulk until all 40 audio hours are used up. Unused audio hours will expire in one year.
  • Turnaround Time: It depends on the number of requests on our queue, but no later than 24 hours. It's on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Money-back guarantee. Get your money back if you don’t get your transcripts within 24 hours. Get your money back if the transcript generated is unusable.
  • The transcript file type is .txt, delivered to your inbox.
  • Language accepted: English
  • Transcripts are deleted from our file storage after delivery.
  • Best for bulk projects.
  • Perfect for businesses and freelance transcribers.


  • Transcript quality depends on the audio quality. Background noise, background music, the speaker’s accent, and low-volume recording will affect the accuracy.
  • No speaker labels.
  • No time stamps.
  • Sometimes misspells uncommon words, foreign words, and proper nouns. 
  • Misplaced or missing punctuation marks.


Escribr  Machine

(Fixed Rate) $5 for a maximum of 10 audio hours 

(Prepaid 20) $20 for 40 audio hours 

$0.0083 per audio minute or $0.50 per audio hour

(Prepaid 100) $100 for 220 audio hours

$0.0075 per audio minute or $0.45 per audio hour


(Subscription) $16.99 for 20 audio hours per month


(Pay as You Go) $0.20 per audio minute or $12 per audio hour 


(Subscription) $15 for 10 audio hours per month


(Pay as You Go) $0.1666 per audio minute or $10 per audio hour 

Rev AI

(Pay as You Go) $0.02 per audio minute or $1.2 per audio hour 


Audio 2

Audio 3

Escribr Machine

Transcript 2

Transcript 3


Transcript 2

Transcript 3


Transcript 2

Transcript 3


Transcript 2

Transcript 3


Transcript 2

Transcript 3

Rev AI

Transcript 2

Transcript 3


What if I don’t get the transcripts within 24 hours?

You’ll get a refund.


I’m in a rush. Can I get the transcript in a few minutes?

No promises. But we’ll do our best to send you the transcript the soonest.

If you’re really pressed for time, we suggest you use Otter or HappyScribe.


What if the transcripts produced are unusable?

Don’t worry. You can always request a refund.

Machine transcription always works best for good and clear audio.

Refer to our samples above to get an idea of what types of audio are ideal for this service.


I purchased the Prepaid Plan. Can I request a refund for unused audio hours?

Yes, you can. But the used audio hours will be repriced at $1 per audio hour or $.0167 per audio minute.


Do unused hours expire?

Yes, they will expire one year after payment.


There’s a portion missing in the transcript. What do I do?

Please send us an email. The machine might have encountered an error while processing.

We’ll resend the transcript ASAP. No extra charge to you.

And you get 1 audio hour free as our way of saying “thank you” for your patience.


How do I send the audio/video file to you?

You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Jumpshare, or other file-sharing sites to upload your files, and then just send us the link to the audio.

Need a hooman?

We understand the importance of a clean and accurate transcript.

We have a roster of human transcribers who are available to assist you in achieving flawless transcriptions. 

Give your ears a break and let these experts do the heavy lifting.



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