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Top 7 Online Jobs For Artists

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If you have a creative mind backed up with amazing creative skills in any medium, then you can make some serious cash doing what you’re passionate about, right in the comfort of your home.

In the current health crisis being experienced the world over, earning extra cash online is a wise and timely decision.

You are not just protecting yourself but protecting your family as well.

It’s always a risk to get exposed to the outside world nowadays especially if you have no choice but to go out and find other ways and means to earn extra cash.

You can either do online work in your spare time or based on your current situation, this could very well be your bread and butter.

These online freelancing opportunities are perfect for those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, or those whose salaries are not even enough to make both ends meet.

This is the reason why we came up with this post to somehow give you an idea about some freelance jobs for individuals who have a high level of creativity and artistic skills.

These online gigs are legitimate ways on how you can get paid for your creative prowess.  

5 Day VA Challenge

If you consider yourself as an artist in your own chosen medium, then the only thing you need to find are clients who will appreciate your creative work and be compensated for it.

Artists and creative people bring colors to the world and from them emerge a variety of beautiful creations.

So here are the Top 7 online jobs for artists and creative people.

logo design

1 . Logo Design

Branding is very important for all types of businesses, and the starting point on how to be able to promote businesses on a professional level is a logo.

The logo is the very thing that creates awareness and brand recall.

It embodies a company or an individual’s identity.

That is why a professionally designed logo is a must.

It has to be unique, and although simplicity for higher recall is required, it has to be well designed.

This is where your amazing skill in design will come in.

A very popular hangout for logo designers is the freelancer site called Fiverr.

You can easily showcase your portfolio here and set your rate that is just fair and competitive.

You can also try other sites like Upwork.

But if you are looking for more serious clients requiring long hours of work for higher pay, then create your own profile at Linkedin.


tees design

2. Tees Design

Creating graphics for t-shirts, hoodies, and other types of ready-to-wear fashion has become so popular nowadays.


Your design could go viral, and it can become an overnight sensation.

This is a great source of passive income for you.

Just make sure you work with the right company or choose a website that has the ability to promote your designs.

You can search the internet for some of these websites where you can showcase your creations for free.

Some sites give you the option to upgrade for more features and services just like social media promotions.

illustrator design

3. Illustrator Design

If you have a creative hand in drawing, this is where your talent can be of big financial benefit to you.

You have to have, of course, the tool called Illustrator to digitize your design and promote the final result on a more professional level.

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You can start by drawing on paper, scan it, import it to Illustrator, and enhance its final result which is, of course, ready for print if you will be selling multiple copies of it online.

Digital drawing tablets made it even easier to draw your creations because it directly saves it on your computer with better resolution, easily editable, and effects can also be easily achieved.

This method can even help save trees because you won’t be needing traditional pencils and paper.

It also saves you time and money in the process.

If you want to level up your drawing skills using the Illustrator program, you can readily find a lot of free tutorials on YouTube.

But if you can get a degree in Illustrator, it will definitely qualify you for a higher fee per project, or a steady job with better compensation.

4. Font Design

It is but common that people want unique and signature stuff all the time, and fonts, believe it or not, is one of those things that a lot of people fancy.

Some businesses also want fonts they can call their own.

If you have great design skills, you can easily design some of the unique and beautiful fonts that people will surely pay for.

You can come up with your own portfolio of these well thought of, well-designed fonts, and you can start selling them online.

You can start promoting it on various social media channels or design sites that welcome designers of different expertise and designs.

Most of these sites are free, and they take care of promotions too.

They only get a small fraction of every sale they make.  

social media design

5. Social Media Content Design

There is a demand for artists and designers for this type of creative work.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, for example, are widely being used to showcase a variety of products and services.

A lot of your clients would want you to create compelling designs to easily catch people’s attention.

5 Day VA Challenge

This can be a combination of images and texts, and it’s all up to you to come up with a masterpiece every time.

People who are into this kind of work are sometimes called content managers.

You can start offering this type of service in freelancer sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Again, you can do this part time or full time in the comfort of your home.

Create free social media content 

3D graphics design

6. 3D Graphics Design

Motion design or 3D graphics design pays more than normal static creations because of the complexity of the process.

This needs a combination of creative and technical skills with the use of advanced computer programs.

If you are proficient in 3D motion design tools such as the widely used Adobe AfterEffects, then you will for sure land some good projects that pay well. If you are really good at this craft, you will definitely find a steady job with a higher compensation plan.

monogram design

7. Monogram Design

Monogram design is somehow related to font design with a touch of fashion and emotion.

In this type of design, letters are combined with a whole lot of different artwork like leaves, flowers, geometrical shapes, and other elements, just to name a few, to form a creative symbol that depicts various subjects such as love, honor, unity, strength, and more.

This art has long been used by many companies because a monogram design shows elegance and sophistication.

You can also create your own unique portfolio of this art, and you can promote your creations in various channels online as well.

If you are really good at creating monogram designs, you can create some videos that you can publish on YouTube or Vimeo, get a decent number of followers, and earn some cash from monetized views.

In the description field of each video, place a link where they can purchase your designs.

Before you begin your home-based work, you need to decide what type of home-based worker you want to be.

It’s either you want to be a part-timer or a full-timer.

So what are the differences?

A full-time gig at home will still require you to report to a particular company or individual for a minimum of eight hours a day.

It is just like going to work in an office where you need to time in and time out.

You probably will be given a day or a couple of days off.

There will also be contract signing and you won’t be allowed to work for other companies or individuals.

You are then still considered employed with all the benefits that go with it, well, for most employers.

Your compensation will be a flat rate per month basis and can also receive overtime pays.

A part-time gig at home will only require you to work two or three or four hours a day for a company or individual.

Of course, you are the one who will decide on the number of hours based on your availability.

And you are usually get paid by the hour.

This is also considered a freelance type of work because you can still offer your services to other companies or individuals based on how you want to maximize your day.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

Your compensation varies per month and this is ideal if you know you can charge a bit higher for your creativity and skills.

The most common type of this part-time online creative work is graphic design — from logos to shirts to brochures to billboards, just to name a few.

Video content creation and animation work are in demand nowadays for many advertising and marketing companies and individuals as well.

The setup varies.

You can either work alone on a specific project or you will be required to work and coordinate with a team of other creative individuals like you.

Working with a team, even though you are all working from home, is easier now with the advent of a lot of communication and collaboration applications and tools that are readily available on the internet. 

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21 websites to sell your designs:

  1. ArtFire
  2. Art Web
  3. Big Cartel
  4. CafePress
  5. Design by Humans
  6. Design Cuts
  7. DesignHill
  8. Etsy
  9. Fiverr
  10. Graphic River
  11. Gumroad
  12. INPRNT
  13. MyFonts
  14. Not on the High Street
  15. Redbubble
  16. Saatchi Art
  17. Shopify (create your own store)
  18. Society 6
  19. This is a Limited Edition
  20. Threadless
  21. TurboSquid
  22. Zazzle