10 Tips On How To Improve Productivity As A Home-Based Freelancer

Working remotely at home has its own challenges.

These are obstacles or problems you need to handle all by yourself.

These are also common problems most home-based freelancers face.

So let’s identify each of them and come up with a solution.

1. Get a Reliable Internet Provider

You can work in any location for as long as you have access to a reliable internet connection.

Internet providers play a very important role in your success as a freelancer so choose wisely.

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Choose a provider with a very reliable customer support system so you can get the support you need in case some connectivity issues arise.

2. Get An Awesome Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone can be your back-up device.

You need a good brand with great features.

There are lots of affordable brands out there with amazing specifications.

Make sure to choose a mobile phone with a reliable data connectivity feature because your data connection can be your back-up connection in case your main internet connection encounters downtime.

3. Set Up A Workstation

As a home-based worker, you have the total freedom to work anywhere inside your home.

You can work on your bed, on the porch, in the kitchen, or even in your garden.

But being so comfortable with the whole idea of “freedom” sometimes can make you forget about the professional approach required towards a successful freelance career.

Try setting up a small desk you can call your workstation.

You will be surprised how more productive you will become.

This setup will help you with work discipline while at home.

You are your own boss indeed, but without prepping up properly for your daily tasks, you might end up with a happy-go-lucky attitude which will surely affect the quality of your work and performance.

This workstation will always remind you about healthy and professional work habits.


4. Don’t Work in Your Pajamas

A lot of you may object to this tip because we know you want to feel more comfortable when you work.

Dress up like you are still working in an office.

This sends a signal to your brain that the game is on and that a project today must have to be completed.

You are your own boss all right, but to be more productive, this is a pressure tactic you can use to beat laziness and procrastination.

5. Decide On Strict Working Hours

This is how you can take care of your professional performance as a home-based freelancer.

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You need to decide on your personal work shift, and you must follow this strictly.

If you decide to work for 6 hours a day, then decide what time you will start and on what specific days.

Set 15 to 30-minute breaks within your work shift. And of course, set your own day off.

Follow these strictly and you will see the benefits to you in the long run. It can be difficult to abide by your own set of rules, but with enough discipline and determination, this will eventually develop into a positive working habit that is consistent and very productive.

6. Set Your Own House Rules

Let your family and friends know about your work shift at home and must see to it that they follow it too, not just you.

If a friend wants to pay a visit within your work shift, be firm in telling them that you can’t entertain visitors within your designated shift.

Family members who stay with you must also understand that your rules must be followed so as to protect your level of professionalism even if you are just working at home.

Besides, it’s your source of income, and so it must be taken seriously.

7. Don’t Procrastinate

Always create an actionable plan on a day-to-day basis for your work shift at home to improve productivity, and this means keeping up with a list of things to do and projects to complete without delay.

Do not let unattended assignments or projects pile up, or it will greatly affect your performance and personal income.

Get rid of distractions as well.

Turn your television off when working.

If you can, don’t answer personal casual calls from family and friends unless it’s really considered an emergency.

8. Take Frequent Breaks

This is a privilege you can’t do if you are in a normal office setting, to take frequent breaks.

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There are really times or days when we feel a bit stressed out during the day.

If you are in this kind of mood, don’t push yourself to work hard. Instead, take small frequent breathers while working on your project little by little.

If you feel you are not doing a good job no matter what you do, listen to your mood in the meantime.

Maybe your body is telling you something.

Maybe you need a rest for the time being.

Besides, your health must be a top priority.

Just make sure not to make this a habit.

Be honest to yourself.

9. Listen to Your Favorite Music

Who says that we can’t enjoy work and leisure at the same time?

Of course, you can… in the form of music.

If you are into design and the likes, a good playlist will energize you more and will somehow beat out stress while you work in the process.

But not everyone wants to listen to music while working.

Some people want total peace and quiet, or their brains will just stop working.

10. Enjoy Your Days Off

You owe it to yourself.

When your rest day comes, make sure you really take complete rest.

Take your mind off of anything about work.

Free your mind from it.


Go out with your friends.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

Go out shopping.

Spend your day with your partner in a nice coffee shop perhaps, or watch a really good movie.

This is a great way to recharge.

You will be a newly oiled machine once again when you go back to work, packed with all the energy that you need.

We hope these tips will work for you towards a more productive home-based career.

Let us know about it.


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