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15 Top eCommerce Freelancing Specializations You Should Offer as a VA

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  • Post last modified:March 22, 2023

Freelancing has increased in popularity over the previous decade and will continue to expand in the future.

Small and large businesses alike are reaping the benefits of employing qualified workers online to manage a significant portion of their growing to-do lists.

eCommerce businesses are no exception.

eCommerce freelance VAs are among the most common forms of online freelancers.

Given the never-ending job list that comes with running this type of business, this should come as no surprise.

Who are Freelance eCommerce VAs

eCommerce freelance virtual assistants are online professionals that specialize and have specific skill sets in the numerous areas that drive eCommerce operations.

They may specialize in a certain area of knowledge, such as customer service, or they may have experience in a range of fields, such as Amazon fulfillment and product market research.

You can engage one eCommerce freelance VA who specializes in your selected sales channel.

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This type of virtual assistant may help a business maintain the essentials under control so that the company can run smoothly.

Alternatively, you might hire a full team of eCommerce freelancers that specialize in various areas to meet your company’s specific needs.

These freelancers will provide their expertise to assist simplify procedures and expedite development.

The Top Ecommerce Specializations for Freelancers

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the most in-demand skills for ecommerce marketing freelancers, and interest in this topic has been continuously rising over time.

As a dropshipping specialist, you should be able to research and choose the best-selling goods from major ecommerce sites like AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon.

The capacity of these things to generate a high volume of sales for one’s online business should be the primary consideration for picking them.

You must be able to incorporate these things into your online store and create appealing product descriptions in order to increase conversions:

– compare pricing to competitors and adjust profit objectives to provide the most competitive rates

– choose vendors with strong ratings and quick delivery times

– order delivery using major dropshipping services like Oberlo, AliPay, and Dropified.

2. Inventory Manager

Maintaining inventory best practices is critical for avoiding sales declines that might hurt your seller ratings.

Customers are always researching merchants, even if you aren’t selling on a marketplace like Amazon, where seller evaluations are generated algorithmically and publicly disclosed.

To keep customers happy and endorsing your store, you must always have adequate items in stock to meet demand.

On the other side, having too much inventory may be damaging to a company’s financial line.

Investing in slow-moving stock may be costly, especially if you need the credit to make other things happen in your firm.

eCommerce freelance VAs with inventory management skills can ensure that all of your merchandise are always in stock.

They understand how to track sales patterns and calculate supplier turnaround times to guarantee that you can always fill orders without incurring additional fees or risking damage from long-term storage.

Striking a balance between being well-stocked and not being overstocked is a challenging skill.

A freelancing inventory management service will handle this vital aspect of online selling for you without charging you more than the inconvenience is worth.

You just pay them to set up the stock monitoring system and to check in on a regular basis to verify that new units are ordered on time.


3. Listing Optimizer

Product page optimization is the process of developing appealing, keyword-rich headlines, bullet points, and primary descriptions to pique their interest and convert them before they leave.

A listing optimizer is knowledgeable about SEO for your unique sales channel.

These ecommerce virtual assistants have the skills and experience to operate on several platforms using various tools to do keyword research and select the ideal ones to target based on your product, sales, and platform trends.

4. SEO for Ecommerce

Organic listings continue to rule supreme when it comes to driving traffic and sales to ecommerce websites.

The success of any ecommerce marketing strategy is mostly determined by the effectiveness of its SEO efforts.

Buyers continue to use search engines to find products as the first step in their shopping cycle, making it critical for ecommerce companies to focus SEO and rank higher for relevant keywords.

Ecommerce SEO involves more than just ranking on Google’s first page for a bunch of keywords.

Rather, it comprises gaining insights into the buyer persona’s purchasing behavior as well as a thorough understanding of the buyer persona, how they discover you, and how they find you.

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The need for Ecommerce SEO freelancers has risen considerably in recent years and is projected to climb even further in the coming years.

Some of the major tasks you will be assigned are as follows:

– look through the webpage; perform keyword research

– improve category and product pages, product descriptions, and blog posts

– develop high-quality backlinks as well as significant social signals

5. Website Development for Ecommerce

The exponential growth in the number of ecommerce companies has resulted in a significant surge in the need for freelancers who can create ecommerce websites that appear professional and give a seamless user experience (UX).

Many of these ecommerce stores are built on WordPress or Shopify, and having the requisite abilities for these two platforms may provide you with a consistent flow of clients and guaranteed income streams in the coming years as more businesses take up the ecommerce baton.

6. Social Media Manager

In addition to having optimal product listings and good content on your website and blog, you’ll want to market through various social media networks.

It makes a lot of sense to hire ecommerce freelance VAs who have expertise discovering and connecting with target consumers.

Experienced social marketers understand how to acquire new consumers and create rapport, as well as how to nurture connections with existing clients, so that they become devoted purchasers who refer you, leave positive reviews, and take the time to offer relevant feedback.

7. Ecommerce Marketing Expert

When it comes to the most sought-after ecommerce skills, digital marketing is without a question one of the most in-demand!

Understanding the complexities of digital marketing platforms and its top growth channels, such as social media marketing, paid search advertisements, content marketing, email marketing, and establishing organic search prospects, is required for promoting an online store to increase sales and profits.

8. Copywriter

Product pages that are visually appealing are essential for success in the eCommerce sector.

Customers have a lot of alternatives, and their attention spans are short.

With so much competition out there, you need a seasoned eCommerce freelancer that is skilled at generating efficient marketing content for certain platforms.

This will make your listing stand out from comparable items and will offer buyers trust in your credibility as a vendor.

An eCommerce copywriter understands how to appeal to today’s savvy online buyer as well as integrate the ideal keywords in collaboration with an SEO.

9. Content Writer

A strong marketing strategy entails providing the best useful content on your website.

It boosts your chances of getting discovered by clients conducting online searches and gives them with the information they need to know about your brand before making a purchase.

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An experienced website and blog content writer will understand how to communicate with your audience in your brand language and successfully convey your message, while making all material easily accessible and shareable.

10.  Designer and Photographer

To improve your product pages, you must use high-quality photographs.

You should have high-resolution images shot from a variety of perspectives.

You should also have some images or videos of the product in action.

Hiring a skilled eCommerce freelancer may transform your images from average to outstanding.

This is critical if you want to carve off a significant portion of the sales in your niche.

Depending on the site you’re selling on, you may need to follow additional criteria to get these photographs just perfect.

Following these recommendations can make a significant difference in how effectively the photographs convert.

If you’re going to invest on professional photos, you need to make sure that they’re done correctly from the start.

11. Order Fulfillment Specialist

eCommerce virtual assistants can ensure that your order fulfillment is done properly and quickly.

Keeping your customers happy is crucial to your business’s success, and having purchases delivered swiftly and in good condition with lots of positive vibes and no difficulties is a huge part of that.

Hiring a trained fulfillment expert will ensure that you do not obtain bad feedback from clients due to your inability to satisfy their requirements.

We’ve all heard that a single negative review may outnumber a slew of favorable ones.

And because the negative repercussions are tough to overcome, you want to do all the necessary steps to avoid them in the first place.

12. Email Marketing for Ecommerce

As an email marketing specialist for an ecommerce company, you will be expected to create templates and set up structures that will result in more sales and less cart abandonment.

This is only achievable if you understand email automation and the leading automation systems such as Klaviyo, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, GetResponse, and others.

Email marketing in ecommerce also include campaign strategy and execution, sending out promotions on a regular basis, emails sent to targeted groups on your email list, and a solid understanding of email sequences that may nurture leads and enhance conversions.

Good online businesses would expect you to be knowledgeable with automated sales funnels that use complicated strategies like tagging, lead grading, segmentation, or discovering your top leads using a scoring model.

13. Product Sourcer

When it comes to hunting for fresh products to sell, having an extra set of hands might save you a lot of time.

As you are no doubt aware, completing the entire procedure from beginning to end takes a significant amount of time.

A product sourcer understands where to look for great products, how to identify them based on the parameters you’ve set for what you want or don’t want to sell, how to communicate with suppliers and negotiate the best deals for you, and how to manage that relationship so that you always get top quality product from them moving forward.

They can also detect warning flags that you would most likely overlook due to inexperience.

14.  Customer Service

Customers that are pleased with the service they receive return time and time again.

They leave positive feedback, which eventually persuades more clients to buy from you.

Unsatisfied consumers, on the other hand, will go out of their way to submit negative reviews and inform others about their unpleasant experience.

This might be quite costly for your company.

Having a dedicated customer service VA ensures that no one is unsatisfied.

They can respond to queries and complaints swiftly and effectively, and they can follow up to ensure that everything is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

This guarantee that clients liked their shopping experience at your store and are satisfied with their purchase is critical to your image.

15.  Returns and Refunds Specialist

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It makes sense for a firm to hire a service person who handles customer returns and refunds.

These are not ordinary client inquiries, and they may need specialized knowledge on how to handle returns and refunds.

There is a certain method for connecting with customers in order to establish the truth behind a return request, and you should be aware of it since it is really useful knowledge about your product and service.

Returns and refunds specialists can make the most of these otherwise costly transactions, allowing you to at the very least get the knowledge you need to develop in order to reduce future returns.


eCommerce freelancing VAs can help you whether your company is doing well and ready for further expansion or is failing and in need of a boost in time, energy, and knowledge.

They add vitality to situations where there was previously only stagnation and irritation, from simply lifting duties off your plate to bringing in essential talents and views that you don’t have.

They provide high-quality work with a laser-like focus to help you make the most of every effort and dollar spent – even the fee you pay to have them on board.

If your business is going well and you want to grow or expand, employing freelancers helps you to take on more work while keeping your clientele content.

If your business is failing or you are unable to handle everything on your own, eCommerce freelancers can help you break out of whatever rut you are in and free up your time to focus on developing your business to a healthier and more stable level.