The Complete Course in General Transcription (For Beginners) – Free!

If you are looking for ways to earn from home and transcription piques your interest, then this course is for you.

Learn the ropes at your own pace by going through each module and doing the exercises.


1. Good command of the English language.
2. Good auditory acuity.
3. Can type at least 40 words per minute.
4. Basic knowledge of MS Word.
5. Laptop or desktop with Internet connection.
6. Quality headphones.
7. Quiet and comfortable work environment.

Intended Audience: Anyone who wants to earn from home as a freelance general transcriber but with zero to little knowledge about audio transcription.




– What is General Transcription 
– Benefits of a Transcription career
– Required skill set

Module 1: Transcription Rules & Guidelines

– Difference between clean verbatim and full verbatim
– How to create your transcript neat and readable by following certain rules

Module 2: Word Usage

– Confusing words that many transcribers miss

Module 3: Correct Use of Punctuation

– Most common punctuation mistakes that transcribers make

– 75 items to practice what you’ve learned

Module 4: Transcription Accuracy

– Practical tips on how to be accurate in transcription

– 20 items to practice what you’ve learned

Module 5: Transcription Software Tutorial

– How it can help in transcription

– How to install the transcription software

Module 6: How to Speed Up Transcription

– Tips to be more productive and finish a transcription assignment in less time

Module 7: Inserting Timestamps & Editing

– How to insert timestamps the easy way

– Why editing is important and how to edit your transcript effectively

Module 8: Listening Practice

– 30 items to practice your listening skills (different audio quality and different speaker accents)

Module 9: Transcription Samples & Exercises

– Put everything you’ve learned into practice

– Easy, average, and difficult files to develop your transcription skills overall

Module 10: List of Transcription Companies – Start Applying

PAID INTERNSHIP: You get paid while practicing. (Coming Soon)


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