The Complete Course in Audio Transcription (For Beginners)



The sentences do not use punctuation or are incorrectly punctuated. Correct them using correct punctuation.

1. Hello everyone and welcome to Module 4

2. Well thank you very much Robert for this wonderful class.

3. Its going to take it's natural course therefore there's nothing for us to do, but wait.

4. So isn't that great, by the way as we make our journeys in this class you might find yourself called to the light of the star.

5. So it took a long long long long long time to cool and when it cooled to the point it could sustain life then Earth began to have single celled aquatic life.

6. Yes I do this is a journey submission from Tom.

7. Typically when rumors happen they happen within organizations because people are trying to fill gaps

8. If anybody wants to follow along again I'm using my second book The Evolving Soul.

9. As this whole process moves and we move towards more of the restructuring end of it we’ll be targeting towards some more skills

10. If he’s got valid points to make I'm happy to listen to them

11. So let's prepare ourselves for adventure shall we? Get your body in a comfortable relaxed position see if you're holding any tension, or stress, or worry, or anxiety in your body that is not helping you right now

12. We want the skeptic, and the left brain to be available to test and verify, and check things out but we do not want the self denying self defeating part of the mind to get in the way.

13. "Although my beloved has passed", she says "The love continues".

14. Let it go from you, feel yourself becoming present, as you breathe in deep breath feel the sense of possibility of expansion of ability to fly to soar to go beyond the horizons you have known.

15. I was listening to a U.S. senator a man of color who was really speaking about the painful recent statements that were made

16. She says I just stepped off a train or bus as it's pulling away one of my travel companions looks out the window as we pass and says good luck Lisa

17. There's reassurance in that statement isn't there.

18. But, my challenge sorry to butt in the challenge that I find in stuff we’re doing, is to show a little bit of that vulnerability, and not be afraid of getting really close to people, and engaging.

19. Oh I think we'll go first to our initial two minute drumming in this class.

20. I just called them on it and said what are you doing have you actually talked to him about this

21. I had a 13 month old with significant vomiting history, and eating issues, and weight loss.

22. My grandmother is in her 70's. She was born in the late 40's.

23. I toured with Zecharia Sitchin in 1990's before he died.

24. Every time we do our practice we do our Lightning Dreamwork practice whatever the material is were encouraging each other to claim our voice and claim that power.

25. Do you have a sense of what that biggest story is at this point or are you still letting it chase you

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