The Complete Course in Audio Transcription (For Beginners)



The sentences do not use punctuation or are incorrectly punctuated. Correct them using correct punctuation.

26. Diane is asking 'what are your speculations about the AMH origin?'

27. So number four dreaming is about the care of souls, isn't it, its about getting soul where it belongs, its about bringing home the magical child, its about finding parts of yourself that went missing, its about integrating and bringing together more of yourself and helping others to do that.

28. If flu comes up know that sometimes getting a flu getting a cold getting a bout with a stomach ailment sometimes that's a way to clear energy out of your body that you took on into your body and it's being cleared that way.

29. Oh I love it when you ask those kinds of questions Carol Anne because that's precisely where I want to go with this.

30. The soul friends are important aren’t they Patti.

31. Its hot where you are right now isn't it?

32. Oh she's going to ask the easy questions first. Right?

33. Lisa you just said, sometimes I feel like I'm sort of connected into a wall socket.

34. It is possible now this probably won't freak any of you out, it is possible that certain souls want to keep me from teaching certain content.

35. However behind the closed doors and I've been in conferences where they're having these conversations the forbidden language is now emerging because this appears to be beyond evolution.

36. Were delighted to have with us our four featured panelists Mr Pol Haji Chairman and CEO of Safe Acres Mr Peter Bibee President of Scorpio Bulk Mr Stan Tanis Chairman and CEO of Energy Corp and Mr Homer Horton President of Starship Corp.

37. Youre firing other people to do this stuff, too.

38. Linda I have known for a long time, that I came here to learn to love, i.e. be nonjudgmental accept others as they are and be patient with their flaws.

39. I'm so excited and can hardly believe that we are beginning our final session Module 24 titled when we become a dreaming society.

40. However they describe it from the unique perspective of their people, and their culture, and their history, and their background.

41. Before we do that do you want to check in did you close any business this week you had some follow up calls I think right.

42.My buddy here said hey remind her to get me my report.

43. Mr. Death asks are you afraid.

44. You can see the left hand column that says this is lighter than the right hand squares.

45. I took chemistry and physics and I was getting Ds and Cs.

46. Yeah its tough in todays environment as you just briefly described for the bedside nurse.

47. Shes telling an old dream and she says this I came awake in my dream.

48. Where I am located is Peterborough New Hampshire.

49. So finally I walked up to her one day and I said, may I just tell you something? And she said, of course, we’ve known each other 25 years.

50. So lets do the orientation consult on January 16th Tuesday at 8:00 am.

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