The Complete Course in Audio Transcription (For Beginners)



The sentences do not use punctuation or are incorrectly punctuated. Correct them using correct punctuation.

51. Again we’ll have you in before that but I don’t want you too far before everything because I don’t want it to get forgotten right?

52. Yeah that's a big job to sign on to Epic. Isn't it?

53. We want to reserve a good amount of time for the journeys, and the meditations, and the exercises we're going to introduce in this class.

54. Oh dear I hope its good stuff.

55. If I'm not answering you the way you're meaning for me to respond then let me know okay.

56. Notice the phrase "dream transfer".

57. Hi Judy its Chris Melvin.

58. So here's a story which is not my own, but comes from the sister I adopted.

59. Weve had historically low market's for our sector in 2014, 15 and 16.

60. Well with those cheerful thoughts we made some pretty interesting journey's to the realm of Luna.

61. Research conducted in the mid-'80s until the present also shows positive effects of turmeric against tumor cells, and also protecting liver cells, there are studies that show that turmeric has the ability to reduce cataracts and also help to regulate blood sugar, it also has a neuroprotective quality to it, it can also help improve wounds and ulcers and treat arthritis in the body.

62. Because your body is producing the stress chemistry it can only do one or the other if its in stress it's not in rejuvenation if it is in fight or flight its not in healing mode.

63. This 1991 discovery said that about 40000 specialized cells were discovered in the human heart they are called sensory neurites and they function in much the same way as the neurons in our brain they think they remember they learn this is the key independently of the neurons in our brain.

64. My nephew was living with my mother he was asking me questions and I had been coaching him. My mom and I were talking to him. He says he’s got straight As. I said you wouldn’t know straight As if they beat you in the ass. He gets kind of outraged about it and I get mad at my mom.

65. Once again your assignment if you're willing to undertake it for this two minute drumming is to pull up the discovery the technique the encounter the vision the experience that is your most important takeaway from all we've shared over these 13 weeks here we go with the short two minute drumming.

66. Edgar Cayce great authentic psychic predicted back in the early part of 1900's that in the 1970's the East Coast of America would be deluged by a gigantic flood.

67. Sometimes it takes days sometimes it takes a couple of weeks sometimes it takes moments for my physical body to begin to respond to the perfection that I hold in my minds eye it happens its real.

68. So now I either discount it or I have to make room and expand this is the key expand my belief system to embrace what I've just seen. And if its possible for one person that means it's possible for anyone.

69. Well hang on what happens after she comes over to you and says my daddy hurt my heart.

70. By the way many couples if not most never resolve their initial power struggle. Its that internal conflict that causes things to be confusing. And when you’ve never been willing to fully establish your power over him then you will not be able to lose the power struggle appropriately.

71. Thousands of doctors prescribe hawthorn all over the world its really an official drug in Brazil China Czechoslovakia Germany France Hungary Russia and Switzerland Hawthorn berry helps to dilate the blood vessels improve blood flow, it strengthens the heart muscle, it lowers blood pressure, its a great heart herb.

72. When the Earth was formed when the Earth was new I'm vaguely feeling like I might have said this last week so bear with me if I did when the Earth was formed and souls began to incarnate on Earth the souls that came to Earth as primitive people those souls came from somewhere other than Earth.

73. I hear a knock at the door assuming it to be a person I opened the door and there sitting in front of me is a very friendly happy young black dog the dog clearly thinks he belongs with me.

74. I just had a very interesting follow up question to the conversation that you had. This is very interesting to follow-up and I think others will be trying to figure out how to work with faith based communities.

75. I'm illustrating a very poignant difference because when we self enact our abilities these extraordinary abilities then we also self regulate how deeply we go how long they last what they mean to us.

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