The Complete Course in Audio Transcription (For Beginners)


Listen to the audio and fill in the blank.

1. Since 2011, there has been a clinical sequencing program at the University of Michigan called __________.
2. Kemper Military School & College in __________, Missouri. I graduated in May of '77.
3. If you are seeing who was __________, for example, the inventor and the creator of the Zionist movement, his profession was a playwright.
4. So as a flower essence, wild __________ is an incredible energetic cleanser.
5. Many critics have talked about the Latin American author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But were you influenced by any Argentinean writers such as __________, for instance?
6. The quote is from __________, who is a great Jungian analyst.
7. But we had to __________ of this agreement because it’s quite different than anything else that I have done.
8. I spoke this morning to the former Central Bank head, Governor of the Cyprus Central Bank, __________, and I was thunderstruck, Gabriel, by the force of his tone, his scathing comments towards European leaders.
9. So we now welcome Professor __________, who is the Chair of the Department of Dermatology at Radboud University in Nijmegen Medical Centre, who, as you well know, has been working on psoriasis for many years...
10. ...which I would say is someone’s __________, someone’s reason for being here, would that be a correct assumption in the way you’re talking about...
11. So I love this quote that emerged from a pile of paper by __________ and he says, "Half the failures of this world arise from pulling in one’s horse as he is leaping."
12. We had the __________ fire in Crosby. They lost some people, but it was just -- it's so ridiculous.
13. Ally __________ founded the precautionary principle which is do no harm. It's very simple.
14. So it's been breath, __________, spirit, language, mantra -- all of those things.
15. The tar sands are actually being refined in this refinery and so is __________ refining, they also process them.
16. He said in the __________ meditation room at the U.N. there were spirits coming to help humans.
17. Dr. __________, the art of influence and persuasion, is really big on the word "promise."
18. There's a lot of young people younger than me that still have this deep-rooted relationship with land and water because they still have those traditional __________, which are irrigation systems that date back for centuries and centuries when indigenous people were still using those.
20. If you complete it within one week, you will also receive a special thank you gift and that is an audio dialogue with Frank Ostaseski, hosted by __________.

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