How it Works

You have two options to hire a freelance transcriber.

Option 1: Register for free as a client to access the freelance transcribers’ profiles. You can contact them directly via their email address or social media. You need to sign up to log in and access the profiles.

Option 2: Send a transcription request. Your request will be sent to all, and available freelance transcribers will respond. You don’t need to sign up nor log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is escribr?

escribr is a platform for you to find freelance transcribers.

We screen all freelance general transcribers. They took the assessment test to ensure competency.

However, the tests are designed for general transcription only. You may ask the transcribers to take any test that you require for other services.

Do you charge a fee for using escribr to find freelance transcribers?

escribr is completely free for you to use. 

For further inquiries, contact us.


  1. Get to know your transcribers before you hire them. escribr has worked with some of them (but not all) in the past and can vouch for their work ethic. 
  2. Make sure your agreements with regard to payment and submission of transcripts are clear. escribr will not be responsible for undelivered transcripts.