Claire F.

Level: Beginner ($15/audio hour)

Location: United States

Other Skills: 

Languages: English

A few details about me.

I grew up in an educated family. I was always around literature and continued beyond high school to attend college. I have taken numerous graduate courses. My work experience has been, while in and between colleges, mainly in libraries. Post graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature, I worked as a legal secretary mainly, often on a contract basis. I decided to work at home in 2010 after travel abroad to teach ESL in Thailand. I had been injured in 2006 and found after travel that working at home was an optimum situation for me. Currently, it works for me as I foster dogs and the unpredictability of their needs makes transcription a good way to earn money and keep active without the restrictions of a 9-5 commitment or a commute to work.


How I got started in transcription.

My resume is straightforward with providing information as to longevity in working with different online transcription companies. Most work that I have excelled in required working independently and proofreading for accuracy prior to submission of a finished product. I am flexible in my working hours. Previous to working online, I was employed as a legal secretary which also required a high degree of accuracy, lengthy typing assignments, and the ability to work well with a variety of subject matter.

I obtained a four-year BA degree in Comparative Literature and it has allowed me to work well with foreign language speakers using ESL training from teaching abroad postbaccalaureate as well as with Portuguese from study in Brazil.

Most recently from 2016, I completed all but two courses online with SBCC (Santa Barbara City College)  to obtain a Medical Coding certification. Although I have not certified as a medical coder, my studies have facilitated greater vocabulary and literacy when working with medical terminology and various medical specialties as a general typist completing light medical typing assignments. I have also worked as a legal transcriptionist having worked in law firms and completed five college-level courses at local colleges in Paralegal Studies.


How I describe myself as a freelance transcriber.

In three words, I would describe myself as a freelance transcriber as dependable, seasoned, and accurate. I am dependable in preferring to not ‘sit on work’, and complete it in a timely manner. I am seasoned in that I have worked in various law firms, for example, where the material was sometimes explicit or required special considerations for processing either with the courts, or amending work that required redacting, and other editing skills. I have seen many different modalities in formatting as well, often working simultaneously with different companies. I am accurate in that I have experience as an editor. I was on my high school newspaper staff as a writer. I also wrote and edited for newspapers in college. I continued with this skill working as a transcriber.


What I like most about being a freelance transcriber.

I most like the flexibility in working from home (work hours, use of equipment options) since I have been a paid typist in offices. I often enjoy the opportunity to learn more about current events with business and media typing subjects. I enjoy keeping current with changes in grammar and language usage.  I like that I can wake up and not have to dress for success before starting my day at work.


A few things I learned in transcription that I will never forget.

Simple things that require attention – one is learning the ‘burned in’ time stamps are not the same as time stamps per audio length. In terms of in content learning,I learned every company that hires a transcriber has their own privy to what is right and wrong with the formatting, language use, and grammar rules; the less discussion on the matter, the greater equivalency between these companies appears to keep the work flowing.


My favorite things to do when I’m not transcribing.

I like to volunteer. I foster dogs now but have fostered birds from rescue as well. I volunteered for four years with the homeless. I was also a computer center volunteer for several years; creating a blog for one small church affiliated computer center that later expanded into a city-wide network of computer centers.


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