Edith P.

Level: Beginner ($15/audio hour)

Location: Philippines

Other Skills: 

Languages: English

A few details about me.

I am a proud single mom. My daughter is 13 years of age. I think I’m doing something right with her because she’s growing up to be a very kind kid. So my family would be just me and my daughter. I took up Bachelor of Science in Criminology, undergrad. Could not finish college because of financial difficulties. Work experience I’ve had so far is with BPO. First work I had was a call center agent at a small company here in the Philippines. And then after giving birth I took some free workshops for transcription, and I’ve been doing it since.


How I got started in transcription.

When I gave birth, I decided that I could not leave my daughter to go back to a regular 9-5 job. I went searching on the web if there are available home-based job that someone like who has no experience – before – with home-based job can take up on. And then I found transcription – and the rest is history. I’ve been doing it since. I would say I became good at it, but I still think that I still have a big room for improvement.


How I describe myself as a freelance transcriber.

I would describe myself as someone who meets deadlines, follows instructions, and a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to details. I know transcription can be a tedious job but I like the job because I get to learn a lot of things.


What I like most about being a freelance transcriber.

What I like most about being a transcriber is that I get to learn a lot of new things. I get to learn something new with every transcription file or project. And then I apply those things I learn in my everyday life.


A few things I learned in transcription that I will never forget.

The very important thing I learned about transcription, I got from working on one of the files. It was an inspirational talk. The speaker says that you should project the positive attitude to your everyday life, and the universe would reciprocate the positive attitude and will work double time to give back the positivity that you put out into the world.


My favorite things to do when I’m not transcribing. 

I enjoy watching movies with my kid. I love reading books. Books takes you to places you’ve never been.


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