Micholle B.


Level: Beginner ($15/audio hour)

Location: Philippines

Other Skills: Legal Transcription

Languages: English, Filipino


A few details about me.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication, major in Development Communication. I also graduated with distinction. Just a few months after graduating, I landed my first job as a scopist or legal transcript editor and fell completely in love with it that, even if I am already a stay-at-home mom, I keep coming back to it to de-stress, find some “me” time, and earn just enough for me and my two-year-old.


How I got started in transcription.

Like any other newly-grads, I just applied and applied, passed my resume here and there, and basically waited for an employer to call. ScopeWorks Asia, Inc. was the first company that responded to my application. Having no idea about the company and the position I was applying for, I still went and took the exam, passed, and proceeded with the interviews. During the second interview, the duties and responsibilities of a scopist were generally explained to me, that our clients were going to be US-based court reporters and that we were going to listen to audio files of depositions and/or court hearings and edit the transcripts word for word. I still am not sure why, but I remember feeling really excited about it. Fortunately, I was able to get the job, learned from everyday mistakes, and got promoted several times. Nine years of doing transcription and I keep coming back for more!


How I describe myself as a freelance transcriber.

Quality-oriented. Every punctuation, every letter, every word, every format, I double-check and make sure that the overall transcript is accurate. I will not stop working on a transcript unless I am sure that it is what the client needs it to be.

Consistent. I know how to research and confirm proper nouns using only keywords that I encounter while working on the transcript. As a personal choice, I always generate my very own spellings list where I alphabetically list down all the proper nouns and unusual terms that I encounter. I also include there the things I have to recheck, what I call “Go Back To” list, so that I can fix inconsistencies and confirm that all the details and formatting I have are correct. I provide the client this spellings list also for future reference, just in case we come across a similar assignment.

Conscientious. When I accept a job, I commit to it 100 percent, quality and timeliness. I work hard, not for the sole purpose of earning money but also because I want to earn the satisfaction and the trust of my clients for a job well done.


What I like most about being a freelance transcriber.

To be honest, until now, I still don’t know why I enjoy transcribing. Maybe because listening to different audio files is like listening to people’s personal stories, and it adds something new to my everyday life. I like the fact that it makes me think, which is a good exercise to my brain. Lastly, as I have mentioned, I am a new mom and being a freelancer and doing what I love to do kind of makes me sane in some way. I consider this my “me” time because it serves as a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of motherhood.


A few things I learned in transcription that I will never forget.

I learned that there is a difference between every day and everyday. I mastered the uses of they’re/their/there, it’s/its, where/we’re, advice/advise, break/brake, bare/bear and many other homophones that most people find totally confusing. I learned how to use keywords to be able to accurately research for proper names and/or terms.


My favorite things to do when I’m not transcribing.

Even though motherhood is hard, I enjoy it. All the minor and major milestones that my toddler has done, is doing and will be doing, these are my favorite things. Being with her is my most favorite thing to do in this world outside of my “me” time.



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