Roberto M.

Level: Advanced ($30/audio hour)

Location: Philippines

Other Skills: Medical Transcription, Audio Editing, Subtitling

Languages: English

A few details about me.

A half Filipino, half Indonesian-Chinese born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia for the first 20 years of my life. Naturally, I went to an international high school where I was exposed and grew accustomed to different accents.

After graduating high school, I went to college in California where I grew even more accustomed to more accents; Ebonics and Latino/Hispanic.


How I got started in transcription.

I got started with transcription after coming back to the Philippines and opening up a business venture that lasted for a couple of years but then started seeing its demise with the advancement of technology.

I tried working in a call center as tech support at first but the night schedule was too hectic and a major detriment to health and so I decided to try a work from home position. I first landed a general transcription gig which then led me to getting more market research type and then eventually a mixture of both market research and medical transcription.


How I describe myself as a freelance transcriber.

Reliable. Reliable in the sense that if a deadline is set, for sure that deadline will be met if reasonable. I can’t stand going out when I know I have a deadline due.

A grammar freak. I am one of those people when scouring the newspapers or online publications, shakes their head when finding errors…


What I like most about being a freelance transcriber.

I love the working from home part best and being free to manage my own time. I don’t have to deal with the stress of getting to work and the traffic between. But most of all, if and when I do go on a trip, I can easily bring my work with me as long as there’s Wi-Fi.


A few things I learned in transcription that I will never forget.

How irritating the word “like” can be when used to connect sentences or even start sentences.


My favorite things to do when I’m not transcribing.

Watching movies, cooking, sleeping, travelling, eating, chilling.


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