Zein S.

Level: Beginner ($15/audio hour)

Location: Kenya

Other Skills: Captioning, Subtitling

Languages: English, Swahili

A few details about me.

I was the last born son in a family of six. I have two elder sisters and a brother. Ever since I was young, it has always been my responsibility to take care of my sibling because my elder brother was always absent. This has taught me to be accountable for activities and events happening around the house. Furthermore, the burden of proving my prowess as a responsible son dawned on me at an early age. This realization made me mature fast enough and take up burdens and tasks that were not meant for young children. Such maturing early has helped me achieve goals and solve problems that my peers find difficult to handle. As such my character has been molded to ensure that whatever I undertake I have to see it through to the end because it is never good to give up.

My parents have always been there to support me in all my endeavors. My father has always been a strong foundation for moral upbringing and instilling values. He values education so much that he’d give up on purchasing luxurious items just to ensure that we as his children had the best education. My mother, on the other hand, has been the foundation for our emotional upbringing. She has taught us the value of not giving up and always expressing ourselves in any situation regardless of the emotional state we are in. The combination of such upbringing from both parents has ensured that I am a strong and stable son who can tackle any situation in life without having to breakdown mentally or emotionally.

My education has been one glamorous season. I have always been surpassing the expectations of my teachers and parents proving to them that I am an academic guru. I am if all factors held constant a nerd. Grasping concepts has always been easy. Furthermore, recalling taught concepts has always been easy. I have always had the ability to be taught only once and grasp the concept regardless of how hard it is and this has always helped me during my examinations and whenever I was having any academic contests. Apart from academics, I have always been a great sportsman. I played rugby during my high school days. I had to work extra hard to be like all other players on the team and I got there. Being a sportsman and a great academic always surprised most of my peers because I always balanced both the two and was great at them.

Once I completed my high school, I worked as a teacher in a local school before joining campus. I always delivered to the expectations of the school and this made the administrators proud of hiring me. After joining campus, I started working as an academic writer. I did this for two years before being introduced to transcription. I started working as a transcriber two years ago and that has not changed to date. I fell in love with transcription and that hasn’t changed. I have also worked as a field researcher in some surveys for about four years. Furthermore, I also worked as an office assistant for four months.


How I got started in transcription.

I was introduced to transcribing by a friend who had been doing the work since he joined campus. He explained to me the way forward on how to transcribe and the payments one can receive when fully committed to the job. I was amazed at how one can be able to make so much only by making transcripts for audios and videos. Also, the jobs did not involve much research like academic writing. Moreover, transcripts did not necessarily have strict formats one had to adhere to like writing. This sounded more fun and easier than academic writing.

So I got hooked into the idea of becoming a transcriber and set myself on opening transcription accounts. My friend gave me suggestions on some great sites to work with and tried those. I did their tests several times and I failed. Though discouraging, I kept trying my luck until I got an opening. I was able to pass a test on one site that set me off as a transcriber and since then I have been transcribing for different sites. I always take the chance and open an account for any site that is recommended to have better pay.


How I describe myself as a freelance transcriber.

Committed, detailed, organized.

I consider myself committed to anything I put my mind into. Whenever I decide to work, I sit down for hours just to ensure I have achieved whatever amount I am to make in a day. Furthermore, nothing would distract me from my work once I sit and start working.

I always ensure I am as detailed as possible. I ensure I research new word, foreign words, spellings and anything I am unsure of so that I can be able to provide quality and very accurate work. This ensures I always get the best ratings and best reviews.

I like my work organized in a particular manner. I thus ensure every work I undertake is always formatted and organized in the same particular format. This gives me consistency in my work and clients would always get the same format for all their work whether they are new or regular clientele.


What I like most about being a freelance transcriber.

I like the fact that you can work on your own schedule and always plan your working times. I also like the fact that I do not have to walk into offices every day because I am working there. Working from the comfort of my home without having someone watching over you and supervising you is fulfilling. Moreover, I like the fact that I get to spend more time with the people I love: my family, and friends and still make more than enough to support my family and invest.


A few things I learned in transcription that I will never forget.

During my time as a transcriber, I have learned to be more patient and be keen on listening to what people speak. I have also learned how to type as quickly as possible and how to conduct fast research.


My favorite things to do when I’m not transcribing.

I prefer watching movies, traveling, watching rugby games when I am not transcribing. I also go to the gym at times and play rugby whenever there is an opportunity. Sometimes I do read novels and teach myself how to program and be a software developer. At times I prefer having picnics with family and friends.

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