Unlimited AI Transcription for Coaches

We make it simple. šŸ†’

Just pay $5 and you get unlimited AI transcription for the whole week.


1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Send $5 to escribrteam@gmail.com.

3. Send an email šŸ“§ to escribrteam@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your PayPal email
  • PayPal transaction ID

4. Give us the filename and link šŸ”— to your audio/video.

5. You will receive the transcript in Word doc šŸ“„ via email.

** We typically get your transcriptions back to you within minutes to a few hours. However, the number of files you need transcribed, their length, and our current queue size can impact turnaround timeā³.

If you don’t mind waiting, this service is for you. If you need instant transcripts, check out the list of AI transcription tools we recommend.

** Try it out worry-free. If you’re not happy šŸ˜ž with the transcripts, just let us know within two days of purchase and we’ll issue a refund.

šŸ¤”Curious about accuracy?

Here’s a sample AUDIO šŸ”Š & TRANSCRIPT šŸ“ƒ

** Please understand that the quality of transcript depends on the quality of the audio. Noisy or unclear audio could impact the final transcript.

AI transcription is a game changer but not a game ender.

Let’s get real. Transcripts that truly rock still need a human eye šŸ‘ļø to get them there.

AI got the words, but humans get the meaning.

So, need a human šŸ‘©šŸ§‘ transcriber?

Lazy isn’t your style, but busy definitely is.

Let us handle the tedious stuff, so you can get back to being awesome šŸ¤©.

For inquiries, please shoot us an email: escribrteam@gmail.com

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