Where To Learn The Most In-Demand Freelance Skills and How Much You are Going To Earn

The world has changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic including the way millions of people earn a living.

Remote work or telecommuting replaced various office tasks. Home-based freelancing is not considered a part-time job anymore but is primarily acknowledged as a full-time career for so many people around the world.

But not all the skills you learned from the corporate world can be used in a home-based freelancing career.

Some of the skills needed to keep up with this online career have to be learned, and where?

Online as well, of course.

With these in-demand skills, you can start earning a decent amount of income, in fact, much higher than what a typical employee gets in an office environment.

And the beauty of this is you can do this in the comfort of your own home. You just need 3 important things: a computer or a laptop, a reliable internet connection, and your own space that you can proudly call your home office.

Internet technology plays a vital role in your success as a home-based freelancer and the online platform you will use in learning and acquiring the skills that you need so that you can be good at it and get paid for it.

There are already more than 100 million people around the world who have become home-based workers or freelancers, and they have helped tremendously in keeping a lot of businesses, big and small alike, stay afloat in these very trying times.

This idea of earning a decent living while staying in the comfort of your home is so inviting, but you still have to get yourself all geared up for the challenge.

You need to acquire new skills or improve the skills you already have.

The freelancing world is a high-competition arena. Nobody will hire a mediocre or someone who acts like one.

So let’s start fresh.

Let’s find out first, what are the most in-demand freelance skills, and how? 

Let’s show you where you can learn these skills and eventually get paid for them.

Yes, we have included how much you will earn from each of these in-demand skills.

This compilation will guide you towards these new rewarding careers.

So let’s begin.

Let’s save you some money on gas, fares, and other extra expenses you normally spend in a typical work environment.

On an important note, this article has 3 important details that you need to take note of:

  1. What are the most in-demand skills in freelancing?
  2. Where can you learn these skills online?
  3. How much are you going to earn?

After you have read everything, it’s up to you to choose what skills you would like to learn and earn from, immediately.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring or online teaching has grown in popularity tremendously due to many schools closing due to the pandemic.

Since a typical classroom scenario is hard to achieve in online group classes, the demand for online teachers or tutors has increased.

One-on-one online teaching has become more effective not only for school children at all levels but also for a lot of people around the world who want to learn various skills such as learning a new language, skills, and more.

You can focus on online teaching that involves school children at all levels.

This scenario has helped the education system as education can be delivered to students right in the comfort of their homes.

The progress of each student can also be easily identified through online tutoring.

This career pays a lot better as well as it is normally paid by the hour.

Tutoring school children can help the education system fill the gap brought upon by the health crisis the world is currently experiencing.

5 Day VA Challenge

If you are not the typical teacher type, you can still become an online tutor by teaching subjects you are an expert at such as web design, graphic design, language, just to cite a few.

This is not just a career but also a business you can start on your own. You also have to understand that even though you are good at what you do, it is still hard to teach those if you don’t have the skills in teaching.

With the right learning and guidance, you can easily learn how to become a good online tutor or online teacher.

You need to get some ideas on how you can create your lessons and make them more engaging to your students.

So where can you learn this skill?

Udemy is an online platform that offers classes in tutoring, from the most basic to the most advanced strategies that you can use, especially if you want to start your own online tutoring business.

Based on our research, the average hourly rate for online tutors is $20 to $30.

The expert tutors are even earning $100 per hour!

So you see, you have a beautiful future in this career. Just make sure you start it right and set a goal for yourself.


If you are passionate about writing, this is just the right career for you.

Writing for various content has become one of the most in-demand freelance skills.

It has seen a rise in demand because of the popularity of social media platforms and blogs that have been considered money-making machines.

Companies and owners of websites and blogs want more engaging content that is consistently produced to attract more followers and earn more in the process.

If you consider yourself as a person who has a way with words, who can weave sentences that can easily catch the attention of readers, this can be a great source of income for you.

If you think your skills are not and you want to become a good writer and earn from it, you can develop your writing skills by enrolling in some online courses.

So where can you learn this skill?

Udemy is an online platform that offers classes in writing.

Based on our research, the average rate for freelance writers is $25 to $40 per article based on the number of words and some seasoned writers are even paid per word.

You can gain experience as you go along, but we suggest you start your blog which will become your online portfolio.

Ask yourself, what topics do you love to write and so much easier for you?

One thing for sure, it’s hard to write about something that you don’t enjoy.

This is easier if you are setting up your blog so all articles you post will somehow showcase your strength as a writer.

Clients can easily identify this and you will get the right clients every time.

You can easily direct your prospective clients to your blogs. That makes it much easier for them to see your writing style and easier for you to close a deal or a contract.


This in-demand skill is very important to companies and they hire only the best editors in this field, but you can always start as a beginner and be good at it through practice and experience.

What matters for now is where you’ll learn the skills from.

Companies that are into media and writing services hire people who are highly skilled in editing and correcting written articles.

Even businesses that are into audio transcription need skilled editors to check submitted transcripts from their transcriptionists.

Written articles published or submitted to clients by a company with a lot of spelling errors and poorly constructed sentences clearly are a sign of a company’s lack of professionalism.

Clients can easily get turned off by it.

That is why an editor’s job is very important.

Editors finalize all articles before they get published anywhere, from simple product descriptions to major media publications.

As an editor, you need to acquire amazing skills in grammar, spelling, and even punctuation.

The smallest detail always matters in this job. You have to be a perfectionist to be in this career.

You can acquire this editing skill by enrolling in Skillshare’s editing courses.

Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of amazing courses to choose from.

This will guide you towards developing your skills in editing.

Based on our research, the average rate for freelance editors is $20 to $100 per article depending on the length.


Copywriters are somehow related to writing, editing, and proofreading, but this career focuses more on creating powerful taglines and slogans that move a reader to action.

Copywriters are in demand for any type of business in any industry.

This service is often required for TV commercials and billboards and other forms of promotional media.

Copywriters make creative catch-phrases that are intended to generate sales and following, just like Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan.

You have to have the so-called magic with words – strong, moving.

If you have this creative writing skill, go for it.

You can try your skills further by joining an online platform called Slogan Slingers, and you can get paid with your slogans or creative captions.

Creative persons who are into this type of challenge love to watch all types of commercials and ads, be it from television or newspapers and magazines.

They have a talent for spinning words into something magical, and this magic produces sales for companies.

If you want to learn and develop this skill, go to creative-copywriter.net and join their academy for copywriters.

Based on our research, the average hourly rate for copywriters is $25 to $50.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have remained in demand for many years now because it is a cost-effective way for companies, especially startups and small companies.

Virtual assistants are home-based workers that are located remotely and provided valuable services such as writing, accounting, bookkeeping, appointment setting, customer service, graphic design, web design, and more.  

In short, virtual assistants are freelance experts online with different skill sets.

A virtual assistant can be a graphic designer and a social media manager under one specific project.

They find skilled individuals that are considered jacks of all trade.

This is how companies are saving a lot of money, especially startups, in the daily operations of their businesses.

Thousands of companies in the US alone have benefitted from the services of virtual assistants around the world.

If you have multiple skillsets for multiple roles, you can offer your services to startup companies first.

Multi-tasking skill is the strength of a virtual assistant.

If you want to learn more about being a virtual assistant and become one, check out Udemy for some of their amazing courses.

Based on our research, the average rate for copywriters is $30 per hour.


Mobile App Developing

This age has seen an ever-growing demand for developers of mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Its combined profits from paid downloads reached a staggering $110 billion in just one year.

Millions of people are into these apps due to mobile phone use which has become an essential part of our lives.

Companies have seen the need to create their mobile apps, the reason behind the demand for many mobile app developers.

You can learn how to design and code mobile apps by learning its programming languages.

You can offer your services to companies and individual entrepreneurs or you can create one for yourself as well that you can sell on the app markets.

So where can you learn the skills that you need for this type of work?

Shaw Academy is an online platform that offers classes for people who want to get into mobile app development.

This work pays lucratively based on our research which is an average rate of $50 to $80 per hour.

Website Design & Development

Many companies and individual entrepreneurs want to take their business to the next level — visibility online — because that’s where most people are nowadays both for personal or business matters.

We have seen the rise of e-commerce websites being created to reach more people.

A social media page is not enough.

A serious business that is into selling products knows the importance of a professional website.

This is basically the reason why in the past couple of years, web design has become one of the most in-demand skills.

As a website designer, you will be responsible for the overall look and feel of a website, skilled in the use of creative software like Adobe Dreamweaver.

Website design covers the visual content of a website with the use of HTML and CSS to create UX or User Experience or UI or User Interface.

You have to have the basic knowledge in computer programming to the more advanced skills.

You can easily learn these skills in visual UX and UI design from Code Academy.

This online learning platform offers classes for beginners and experts alike in web design.

Based on our research, the average rate for web designers is $70 per hour.

Web developers, on the other hand, take care of the more complicated codes to work on a design created by a web designer – the front-end and back-end part of a website that is not visible to web visitors, such as login forms, clickable buttons, effects and animations, bug fixes, and databases.

Web developers make sure everything works within a website including its security to viruses and threats.

You can also easily access the learnings in acquiring this skill both in front-end and back-end programming from the online platform and widely popular learning source Code Academy.

Based on our research, the average rate for web developers is $80 per hour or higher depending on how intricate or difficult a project is.

Search Engine Optimization

Every website needs an audience. It needs to reach its target market.

This is where SEO experts or Search Engine Optimization experts come in. SEO is the science behind the success of a website. It is considered as what we call the “promoting” arm of websites.

It is also a known type of digital marketing and promotions.

An effective SEO strategy will make a website show up in Google or Bing searches.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

People have always relied on search engines like the giant Google to find products and services and any other relevant information.

A website with a poor SEO strategy attached to it surely loses a lot of potential buyers or clients.

Google’s algorithm has become so dynamic that it changes every now and then.

That’s why SEO experts are needed to make sure SEO strategies work.

To become an SEO expert or specialist, you need to know a deep understanding of how search engines think and act.

You need to acquire exceptional analytical skills as well.

You can learn the skills in SEO by going to Moz.com’s SEO Learning Center where you can find a complete guide for both beginners and experts.

Based on our research, the average rate for SEO experts is $120 per hour.

If you have become really good at it after you have undergone all possible learning, you have the option to start your own SEO company and not just rely on clients you will get from freelancing platforms, so you can earn more.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

A majority of small business owners don’t know how to manage their finances and taxes, even some big companies, which is why accountants and bookkeepers are highly in demand in the business world.

If you have a background in accounting and bookkeeping, you can offer your services as a freelancer at a more affordable rate.

It is also an advantage if you are knowledgeable in using accounting software.

As a freelancer in this field of work, you will be solely responsible for keeping financial records, creating financial plans on a yearly basis, managing payroll, and keeping up with all sorts of taxes, includes taking care of tax problems and fraud that may arise.

All these ensure a company’s smooth financial operation.

You must be exceptional with numbers to succeed in this career.

You can acquire the skills you need if you find this job interesting from Udemy, an online platform that offers classes in accounting and bookkeeping.

Based on our research, the average rate for accountants and bookkeepers is $35 per hour.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Companies that want to have professional images that represent their business can buy stock photos or hire an illustrator to create better images that will make their competitors cry with envy.

Illustrators are skilled graphic designers for a wide variety of subjects used in advertising and promotions, for online marketing or offline advertising, such as posters, billboards, standees, signage, etc.

Most illustrators now are freelancers because they earn more per project than just by being a salaried designer for a company.

As an illustrator, you should develop your own style with your own medium or software, and find your own niche or industry.

You can either sell a finished design or land a project with a company with specific design needs.

It doesn’t matter as long as you believe you are good with your skills, you will always find projects.

If you love designing, but want to level up your game, you can enroll in online classes under Domestika, an online platform focused on offering classes for artists, illustrators, and other creative individuals in the line arts.

You can also find similar online classes in Udemy and Skillshare.

Being an illustrator also falls under graphic design.

Graphic design covers a wide variety of smaller design projects like creating company logos, font design, banner images for social media, website images, wallpaper images for devices, box and packaging designs, t-shirt design, and more.

Based on our research, the average rate for graphic designers and illustrators is $30 per hour.

Video Editing

Video editing is one of the most in-demand freelance skills nowadays.

If you are skilled in using advanced software in video editing, this is a potential source of good income for you.

It is also an advantage if you shoot your images and videos.

But even if you don’t have the skills in taking nice photo and video shots, you can still find a lot of high-paying projects in editing and creating some good quality content from other sources.

Your client can also provide raw clips of images and videos and it’s up to you to come up with a finished video with beautiful sound effects and background music.

Nowadays, with the popularity of social media platforms, the need for video editors has risen because social media posts in video form have received more engagements and generated more sales.

Videos have proven to be more powerful than still images. Millions of video shorts are being published or posted daily on social media platforms alone.

People who are trying to get a share from the very attractive earnings given by YouTube and Facebook are the ones who consistently find and hire video editors.

You can go to YouTube if you want to become a good video editor because it has a lot of free step-by-step videos from channels created by other YouTube creators and partners.

You can also try and practice with a simple video editing software like Invideo.

If you are not good at learning things on your own, you can get a detailed course from an expert on this field and they can be found on online learning platforms like Udemy, Shaw, and Skillshare.

Based on our research, the average rate for video editing is $30 per hour.

Data Analytics

Data Analysts are important for the creation of business reports and insights to identify operation strengths and weaknesses.

Businesses use data analytics for various intentions and purposes from identifying customer behavior to comparing performance metrics.

Data gathered can be a source in the creation of business solutions that are more effective for a company’s day-to-day operations.

Data analytics is very vital for all types of governments around the world as well.

Data can be gathered from websites and data analysts work hand in hand, more often than not, with web developers and programmers.

With the advancing technology that we have in this era, there are a lot of applications that make data gathering easier, but even with the use of the more sophisticated AI or artificial intelligence programs, the need for human expertise in analyzing and interpreting all gathered data is still highly in-demand.

Data analysts possess advanced combined skills in quick analysis, business intelligence, and programming to cover a wide variety of business needs across all industries.

Data is a very valuable product like gold for it contains the key to unlocking information that can eventually lead to big profits.

Udacity is an online learning platform that teaches programming being used in data analytics such as SQL and Python.

Based on our research, the average rate for data analysts is $40 per hour.

Microsoft Excel Management

Excel is a business spreadsheet tool developed by Microsoft. It is widely used by millions of people around the world to organize data and information.

Even children know how to use this business tool as it is being taught and used in classrooms as well.

As simple as it may look, Excel experts are one of the most in-demand freelance skills that get paid well, but you need to be Microsoft Excel certified before you can be considered an Excel expert and get compensated for every project you will handle.

This spreadsheet is very valuable in organizing collected data, and various corporate information.

You can find a lot of free resources online to become an expert or specialist in this, but like we have pointed out, you’ll get the advantage in getting hired if you have secured a certification from Microsoft.

You can also get certified through the leading accountancy firm, Acca Global, with its Microsoft Excel Certification course.

Based on our research, the average rate for Excel Specialists is $28 per hour.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programming

Many people speculate that robots will soon replace manpower or even humans, and we have seen a lot, really a lot of movies about that.

If you are interested in the idea of machines (or robots) programmed with human interaction that continually evolves, then this could be the right career path for you.

AI Developers or programmers are one of the emerging careers in this age of technology as more and more companies are getting hooked to the idea of automating everything through machines and programs with a sprinkle of human emotion, behavior, and intelligence.

5 Day VA Challenge

The goal is to make human life easier.

AI’s presence is now being seen in some smart homes with voice-activated appliances and even in some countries where robots are used to attend to guests or customers.

It is a huge investment for high-end companies, for now.

Soon it will be acquired by most businesses at a more affordable cost.

So where can you learn these skills in AI programming?

Udemy also offers online courses for beginners to help you get started, and we are sure all the knowledge you will acquire is going to be worth it.

Based on our research, the average rate for AI or Artificial Intelligence Programming is $50 per hour.

Social Media Marketing

There are currently more than 3 billion active users of social media platforms per day around the world such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

It is going to be a waste if companies won’t use these platforms to reach their target market.

This is the reason why people who are experts in social media marketing are the most in-demand of all the skills nowadays.

And why not?

They are the ones who help companies bring in the money by marketing well and finding buyers from various social media platforms.

Most social marketers are self-taught and self-made even before the introduction of courses in social media marketing.

These self-made social media experts are actually the ones who started sharing their skills with interested individuals.

It’s a new career conceived from the popularity of social media platforms that have become a powerful tool for most businesses nowadays.

The function of a social media marketing expert is mainly to promote a product, a service, or a brand, and gain more traffic, engagement, and sales in the process.

This is achieved through a combination of many skills like analytical skills, copywriting skills, ads creation, and audience creation and targeting.

You can also learn these skills through research and resources that are readily available on the net.

Udemy is a leading online learning platform with various topics about social media marketing.

You will be an expert in no time.

Based on our research, the average rate for social media marketing experts is $50 per hour.

Some even get percentage bonuses for every sale they bring in.

Freelance Sales

If you have a vast network on your database, a collection of email addresses you have legally acquired through all the years, or a huge following on your personal or business social media accounts, you can become a freelance sales expert.

Sales is the one thing that makes a business prosper, through products or services.

You can do this part-time or full-time in the comfort of your home. You can get paid either by the hour or on a per-sale commission.

If you also have previous experience in sales in a particular industry, you can be very effective in this and earn without limits.

Your experience in a particular industry narrows down your niche, thus you will prove to be more effective in reaching out to your captive market on behalf of companies or employers you work for.

An online sales representative is what this world needs as there is a call for social distancing due to the current pandemic.

For beginners, you can enroll in an online sales training class in Udemy, an online platform that will help you master sales pitches, acquire leads either online or offline related to your chosen niche, and more.

Based on our research, the average rate for online sales experts is $25 per hour, but most sales experts we know choose the per sale commission basis because there is no limit on how much they could earn.


Photography is still one of the unbeaten freelance skills nowadays.

If you love taking pictures and earn from it, then this career can work well for you.

You just have to come up with your style and choose a subject so you can easily create a name and get easily recognized.

You don’t have to be an expert right away to get paid for it.

Actually, a lot of amateur photographers are also earning from their own captured images.

As a beginner, you just need to find the right platform or individuals to sell your shots.

It can be used for simple promotions for social media postings or small business promotions.

You can also start selling your stuff to your family and friends.

A little support from your circle will go a long way.

You can be a freelance photographer for small events or celebrations like weddings and small business launches, school events, and more.

You can also sell your photos to stock photo sites to get recognition from the industry and eventually find big clients.

Commercial photography pays a lot higher of course, but you need to be an expert already with professional equipment — you need to invest in these if you are really serious about making this a full-time career.

If you are really serious about becoming a full-time freelance photographer, online and offline, you can enroll in Udemy for beginner and advanced photography classes.

Remember that to be successful in this career, you need to find your niche and create your own style.

Based on our research, the average rate for freelance photographers is $30 per hour.

The rate on a per-project basis varies greatly per client.

Language Translation

With more than 7,000 languages in the world, there is also a huge number of people who would like most of these languages to be translated to English or to a language they understand.

If you are fluent in one of these languages and you can easily translate it to English and in any other language you know, then this is a job where you can earn part time or full time.

Even with the use of artificial intelligence or AI software to translate one language to another, it is still not humanly accurate.

That is the reason why translation is considered one of the most in-demand skills.

If you are bilingual paired with exceptional skill in writing as well, this is a freelance job you can easily earn from.

It is not hard to find clients for this type of freelance work because there are already lots of translation companies online where you can offer your services.

Maybe you want to learn a new language first and then eventually teach others and get paid for it.

You can find a lot of language learning platforms online and enroll in one of them.

One good site is Speekify.

Based on our research, the average rate for freelance translators is $25 per hour.

Career and Life Coaching

With so many things going on in our lives nowadays, most people find it difficult to balance personal life, relationships, and career towards a more successful disposition.

That is the reason we see a rise in the need for career and life coaches.

People who have studied this profession, more often than not, have personally proven a method that successfully worked for them as well.

If your passion is to help people improve their lives, this can be a career that pays well.

A successful career and life coach focuses on helping individuals achieve balance and happiness first, rather than on how much he or she earns. The money will come later, and it’s all going to be worth it.

You have two options when you enter this freelance career.

You can either find individuals you can closely guide towards success, or you can set up paid seminars where you can invite attendees who are needing your expert advice and guidance.

If you think this career fits you, you can start acquiring some knowledge first.

You can watch some free resources online from some of the most recognized names in the industry.

You can also enroll in Udemy’s career and life coaching classes.

This is where they will teach you how to begin your career, how and where to find clients, or how to market yourself as a career and life coach.

Based on our research, the average rate for career and life coaching is $20 per hour.

Gain experience first.

Make a name in the industry, and you can dictate your price.

Who knows, maybe one day your paid workshops and seminars will be attended by hundreds, or your self-published books will become a bestseller with millions sold around the world.

Audio Transcription

Audio transcription or transcription work is a stable industry.

Thousands of transcriptionists around the world are earning a decent living with this freelance work, and it is so easy to learn.

They say that anybody can become a transcriptionist.

It only takes focus and practice.

Audio transcription is converting spoken words in audio and video into a written form called transcripts.

These transcripts are used for a variety of purposes — for record-keeping, for online publication on blogs or websites, or for captions or subtitling for videos to assist the people with hearing impairment understand what they are watching.

It also has become a law in most states in the US to be strictly followed by television companies that all news broadcasts and programs must have subtitles on them.

Although there are already several artificial intelligence or AI programs being used for this purpose, it still lacks 100% accuracy.

This freelance career pays well and if you want to begin your career in transcription, you need to learn the basics first and improve your listening and typing skills.

You can learn from our free training.

Register now and enjoy the free learning resources we have.

Based on our research, the average rate for seasoned freelance transcriptionists is $60 per audio hour, but beginners get lower rates starting at $5 per audio hour.

Voiceover & Voice Acting

These freelance skills are very useful for freelancers who create or edit videos.

Most video experts don’t have the skills in voiceover or voice acting.

So do the math.

If millions of videos are being created daily for a variety of purposes, voiceover and voice acting projects are aplenty as well.

Podcasting is another good market where you can earn.

Voiceover talent or voice actors are needed for video narration, video intros, movie trailers, video blogs, audiobooks, video games, video translation, and more.

Learn. Become an Apprentice. Get Hired.

There are courses in voice acting for a variety of projects that can be found in Udemy.

These online courses will give countless ideas on how to get projects as well.

Based on our research, the average rate for freelance voice actors and voiceovers is $30 per 30 seconds of recorded work.

Blockchain Programming

Blockchain is a centralized digital ledger that records and secures transactions from an entire network of computer systems specifically used in the beginning to store and secure a digital currency called Bitcoin in what they call Blockchain wallets.

This they say has a powerful security system that almost impossible to penetrate.

This programming language is now being used to secure a variety of sensitive information and transactions especially cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other emerging digital currencies with a recognized number of followers and users.  

Although the system built within the Blockchain programming is transparent to all, it cannot be easily be interfered with or altered by any user.

Mainly used in the cryptocurrency industry, Blockchain programming skills pays lucratively as of this writing.

High-end companies are always in need of freelance programmers who are specifically experts in the Blockchain system.

If you want to become a specialist in this programming field, you can find a great course in this on Coursera, an online learning platform.

Based on our research, the average rate for freelance Blockchain programmers is $150 per hour.

That completes our list of the most in-demand freelance skills we compiled just for you.

As you have noticed, we have mentioned Udemy, Shaw, and Skillshare sites, some of the most popular and trusted learning sites online.

Of course, you can still scour the net for others like them.

But before starting your journey as a freelancer, you must understand that it is never easy to succeed in any of this if you lack the drive and the passion to achieve a goal.

Success in freelancing doesn’t happen overnight.

There’s a lot of learning and unlearning to do to make this work for you as a steady source of income.

Being self-employed is never easy.

If you decide to quit your job and work as a freelancer, you should have at least saved some money that can sustain you for at least a minimum of three months.

Freelancing is not just a career.

It is considered a business for most freelancers.

Your income is never guaranteed and it fluctuates more often than not based on the effort and the clients that you get.

So you must learn how to budget your money more wisely while you are still starting in this newfound career.

Learn how to save for the slow months.

To inspire you, you can easily succeed in this with the right amount of commitment and hard work.

Always provide quality work no matter how small a project is.

That’s how referrals will come in.

That’s how you can beat the competition.


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