Legal Transcription – Interview with Scott Kline


A Pretty Good Gig for a College Student

My name is Scott. I recently graduated from Learn to Transcribe.

I’m now working in an apprenticeship doing legal transcription.

I got into this job when I had come across something on social media about what it means to be a legal transcriptionist, and I hadn’t heard of it before, but it really suited what I was looking for in a job at the moment, and it’s turned out to be a pretty good gig so far.

I’m actually, right now, I’m finishing up my final semester.

I have one more class, and then I graduate next month, so it has been really good to do that alongside this.

They work really well together because you can set your own hours as a legal transcriptionist.

The Legal Transcription Course

I felt that the course was very thorough.

I felt that it took some time for me to get used to kind of the technicalities of how you do things with transcribing, but I feel like there was a lot of information to cover, all the different things that I might encounter.

So even though it was a lot of new information at once, I never felt unprepared after I took the course for what I was about to do.

So it definitely made me feel more prepared going into an uncertain job market, which I had no experience in.

I think I knew that there was a lot of information I was still digesting.

I felt prepared.

I didn’t know what pieces of information and what parts of the course I would encounter more frequently.

I just kind of figured, you know, it’s given me all of the information I need to know to start out, and some of it will be more applicable right up front, and some of it will probably become more applicable down the line.

So that’s kind of how I feel about it now, but it was really good-quality info.

The Job is Satisfying

What makes it so satisfying is because you feel so accomplished at every turn because you’re constantly picking up new information.

It’s a lot.

You need the stamina to be able to do it, but it is really satisfying once you’ve learned more and more and gotten better and better.

This job, you need certain kind of skills or attributes to really fit in with it. You need to be focused.

You need to be willing to learn new things and integrate the feedback that you get into what you do next.

It does also require some patience because this is very new to a lot of people, but as long as you have those qualities and you’re tenacious enough to work on your files and to learn new things, it can be a really good setup for people in a lot of different circumstances.

I know for me, for example, I’m working sort of a part-time schedule with this right now by balancing other things, and then eventually I’m going to try to make it full time.

And it really depends on how many clients you want, how many jobs you want, that kind of thing.

Patience is Key

So I think time management is key, patience is key, and ability to learn new things is key.

I started doing your course when I was living in the Netherlands, but I knew that as an American citizen and eventually coming back to America, it would work fine.

I don’t know anything about Canadian clients, but just from my experience, I started in one place and then continued as I moved.

So that will continue to be the case in the next coming years, I think.

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