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Do you want to learn digital marketing for free, get the experience you need as an apprentice, and get hired as a freelancer on one platform?

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What is Acadium?

Acadium was formed on the belief that anybody, regardless of where they live, should be able to learn the skills and experience they need to start a career without having to overcome barriers like price, schedule, or geography.

learn digital marketing for free

It gives you the knowledge, resources, and mentorship you need to start your dream career in digital marketing.

The company’s stated mission is to allow anybody, anywhere to obtain the skills, knowledge, and relationships they need to thrive in the job market.

Acadium is a one-of-a-kind and rapidly expanding platform that connects businesses with digital marketing apprentices.

It was launched in 2017 and has attracted over 20,000 student members and over 5,000 companies since then.

They do this by offering online training classes for free.

Their comprehensive marketing courses cover everything:


– Email Marketing

– Social Media Management

– Website Design

– Marketing Analytics

– Paid Advertising

– Search Advertising

– Content Marketing

– Display Advertising

– Graphic Design

– Mobile Marketing

– Shopify Development

– Many more

The company was built by industry experts with the job market in mind.

Who is Acadium for?

Anyone interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing.

Their apprentices are mostly driven, ambitious people who want to get experience in digital marketing, expand their network, and eventually build the career they want.

They provide free marketing classes, real-world marketing assignments to help you create your portfolio, and an unpaid 3-month apprenticeship with a focus on mentorship.

All of this while working from home and on a flexible schedule.

Why Acadium?

Acadium is the most accessible way for people to gain digital marketing job experience.

The following are some of the advantages of an apprenticeship at Acadium:

1. Real-world experience: Become an apprentice and work directly with a business owner on real-world marketing campaigns.

2. Free marketing courses. Learn the basics of digital marketing with free marketing courses.

3. Certificate & social proof: Get certified at the end of a successfully completed apprenticeship, receive a letter of recommendation from your mentor, and boost your CV.

4. Network: Make connections with your mentors and improve your chances to get hired in your desired digital marketing role.

5. Paid Freelance: Complete four apprenticeships and be eligible to become a paid freelancer on Acadium.

6. Remote & free: All apprenticeships are 100% remote and free of charge.

7. Customer support: Get individual support from our customer support team.

8. Acadium Plus: Option to enroll in the paid program – Acadium Plus. Get one-on-one coaching, fast-track your job search, and get hired full-time in eight weeks.

How does Acadium work?

Build a stellar profile, then chat and interview with vetted marketing mentors.

Thousands of businesses are looking for apprentices like you right now.

For three months and ten hours a week, you’ll work directly in your mentor’s business.

You’ll gain the relevant marketing experience and guidance needed to get hired in today’s job market.

Receive an accredited certificate that can help boost your LinkedIn profile and CV.

And once you complete four apprenticeships, you’ll be eligible to become a freelancer on Acadium.

Companies may either hire you or return to the pool to choose a new one.

There is no duty or expectation to work.

However, the site claims that one in every five apprenticeships results in a job offer.

You can apply to become a freelancer only if you have completed 4 apprenticeships or have similar marketing experience.

All you have to do is click “Apply Now” and fill out the online form.

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Once your application is received, you’ll do an interview with an Acadium talent manager to ensure you have the proper skill set.

Once you are accepted as a freelancer, Acadium finds clients for you based on your experience, availability, and specialty.

Then get paid on time without any hassle. Acadium only takes 10% of your salary.

There are no membership fees, matching fees, or work involved on your end.

Client intros just show up in your inbox.


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