Legal Transcription – Interview with Shannon Brodnax


A Mom of 2 and a Legal Expert

I was born in Washington, D.C., raised in Maryland.

I’ve been living down here in Florida for about 30 years now.

A mom of two beautiful daughters and a grandmother of an almost three-year-old granddaughter.

So I’m very, very proud, and I’m honored to say that I have chosen to make this career change at 46 years old in my life with the changes that I’ve had coming down my pipeline over the course of the last year.

A Life-Changing Decision

So this has definitely been just a life-changing, a true life-changing decision for me.

Prior to this, I have decades of experience in the field of medicine as well as insurance and third-party billing.

So I have a lot of medical history under my belt, a lot of administrative skill under my belt.

This is definitely a career change for me. It feels somewhat lateral.

However, this allows me the opportunity to grow in my knowledge and to learn in depth more of what the law truly entails and how we remain fair across the board as a nation.

The Fascination of Legal Transcription

So interesting, extremely engaging.

There’s so much to learn and when it finally clicks and everything makes sense, that light bulb goes off and you just have such a clear understanding of why, why things are meant to be done and formatted the way that they are.

There’s a purpose for everything and that gives me purpose as I go along through transcribing to really make sure that I’m doing the best that I can to watch for those tiny little details.

Those tiny little details mean everything.

To learn that, like you said, that comma, it makes a bigger difference than anybody would really want to give it credit for.

It’s the difference between the meaning of a word and this, as you said, impacts someone else’s life and that’s very important for us to remember on a daily basis as we’re going through and transcribing.

Challenges and Overcoming Self-Doubt

When you really get to the meat, to the heart of what’s truly in this course from start to finish, for me personally, I felt like I kind of hit a brick wall there.

And I did start to kind of doubt myself a little and question whether or not I was cut out for this and really made to be able to get through this course but I stuck with it, Linda.

You’re always so encouraging and supportive and anytime I’ve ever had a question or, you know, I’m not sure how to do something or if I thought that I had the understanding of what you’ve already tried to explain and I didn’t quite have my mind fully wrapped around that, you stuck with me and you hung in there with me until I got it and that has made all the difference in the world for me and I just go back and reference everything.

Practice Makes Perfect

Surely those practice files that you give us to transcribe and submit for the proofing was a big turning point for me.

That’s where I really started to get it because you send back that proof and you show me right here, here’s where you went wrong, this is what it should look like, which allowed me the opportunity to go back to the lunch and learn and going back through the multitude of videos that you provide us there with instruction to see exactly what you’re showing.

The Perfect Work-Life Balance

This is the best thing that we can be doing for ourselves right now really.

It’s exactly why I wanted to do this because I do have so many other obligations, and this allows me exactly that, the freedom to balance both my work and my life and meet my obligations on a daily basis.

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