The Complete Course in Audio Transcription (For Beginners)



Welcome to Module Two: Word Usage.

Transcribers frequently encounter confusing words. It’s important to know the correct word to use in a sentence.

Do the following exercises to test your knowledge in this aspect.

These are just simple exercises to show you the correct use and proper identification of words important in transcription.

This is also a good way for you to assess yourself before moving forward with the more difficult parts of this course.

Let’s begin.

1. The __________ is scheduled to deliver her annual policy report to the legislature on Friday.

2. I think Stan gave us a learning supplement about the __________ of passage, the Bar Mitzvah.

3. The first __________ of everything in the universe is water.

4. The situation __________ on tragedy.

5. I learn something new __________.

6. I don’t need help __________.

7. These are my __________ clothes.

8. The form contained a __________ of parental rights.

9. His friend came to offer __________ and encouragement.

10. The movie had its __________ in Cannes.

11. I got a few people on the __________ ready to go.

12. The information is published through the __________.

13. Her brother was not a day student but a __________.

14. That man managed to __________ arrest on many occasions.

15. Despair can be a self-fulfilling __________.

16. He starts to __________ when the economy would begin to improve.

17. He has not __________ in his determination to complete the transition by spring.

18. Soldiers are not supposed to __________ their units anytime.

19. He __________ from Russia.

20. You can send your __________ investors to the virtual workshop.

21. We’re __________ in this.

22. Cole is the member __________ skills will make this team excel.

23. We'll bring in a song pretty soon. I'll __________ you, Sherri, for our song video.

24. He stormed off the pitch, walking __________ his manager without so much as a glance.

25. eBay should __________ the return fee and give me back my inventory.

26. A screenwriter __________ a book to make it work as a movie.

27. I don’t need __________ help.

28. That's the only thing that would __________ my curiosity.

29. It is not __________ his fault.

30. He sometimes supposes that God is __________ in the world, sometimes that he is transcendent.

31. The government __________ a different policy.

32. The state didn’t __________ perpetrators as harshly when it was assumed the crime was random, not premeditated.

33. I always __________ my hair dry before I leave the shower.

34. The ___________ amount of your investment is lost.

35. I have seen too many minority groups being __________ in my community.

36. I have __________ to this book a couple of times.

37. It's nice to have __________ sometimes, perhaps for a special occasion.

38. Try this perfect __________ to your order, with our __________.

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