How to Make Money with TranscribeMe

If you’re unfamiliar with transcription, it’s a job that entails transcribing audio files to whatever textual format the customer demands.

In this blog post, you will learn how to make money with TranscribeMe and how much you can earn as a transcriber working from home.

While there are numerous office-based transcription jobs available, there are also many freelancing websites that provide transcription work.

What makes these jobs so popular is that anyone with a functional computer and a good pair of headphones can do it.

Numerous sites provide online transcription services to businesses while also hiring freelancers to complete the tasks for them.

If you want to work as a transcriber, you’ll have to go through a slew of transcribing websites.

TranscribeMe is one of them, and in this post, we’re going to discuss all its features and details.

TranscribeMe is a US-based transcription company with offices in several places across the world, including New Zealand and Singapore.

With TranscribeMe, you can work from home as a transcriber and earn money as a beginner with steady and consistent work.

You’ll discover more about TranscribeMe in this review, including how to get started and get your first payout.

How to make money with TranscribeMe?

TranscribeMe has a long history and a solid reputation as a reliable transcription, translation, and data annotation service.

It promotes itself as a one-stop shop for clients in need of high-quality transcription services.

It is a reputable transcription company that hires transcribers to complete projects for various clients.

TranscribeMe uses a straightforward freelance platform business model.

They link projects with available freelancers.

If you’re a member of the site, you may access the job board as a transcriber and begin working for money.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an entry-level transcriber because TranscribeMe provides training and an easy-to-use style guide.

Instead of lengthy interviews, you can work from home and transcribe shorter audio segments of 2 to 4 minutes.

Assignments are given one at a time, but there is no limit to the amount of work you may perform as long as there is a need.

It takes a lot of effort to accurately transcribe audio.

So once you’ve finished your work, it will be verified and scrutinized to determine whether it’s ready for submission.

You will be paid once your work has been accepted.

In short, TranscribeMe handles everything from locating clients to compiling a list of relevant tasks to double-checking them for correctness.

To get started with TranscribeMe, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid ID or passport, and have access to a computer or laptop with a steady, high-speed internet connection to use TranscribeMe.

You’ll need to download and install the newest version of Google Chrome.

A calm workstation with no background noise is always beneficial for transcribing work.

All transcribers must have an active PayPal account because this is how they are paid.

In addition, you must pass the entrance test that assesses your typing speed, accuracy, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

TranscribeMe will hire you as a part-time transcriber if you pass the entrance test.

This is an independent contractor role; therefore, it allows you to choose your own hours and work whenever it is most convenient for you.

TranscribeMe has its own task platform as well as a social network where you can interact with other workers from all around the world.

This is an excellent location to ask questions and learn more as a freelance transcriber.

You’ll need to log into the WorkHub interface to access available tasks, where you can also request audio files to transcribe.

You will not get files through email.

Instead, you transcribe them directly on the site and submit them for approval.

Your account will be credited after the assignment is completed, and you can begin exploring for more audio files to transcribe.

How much can you earn as a transcriber working from home for TranscribeMe?

The compensation rate at TranscribeMe is among the highest in the business.

They pay between $15 and $22 per hour of audio.

Companies that provide transcription services usually charge by audio minute or audio hour, which is standard for this type of freelance job.

Instead of being paid per hour for performing tasks, you are paid a flat rate for the whole project you are transcribing.

Therefore, your hourly rate is determined by your speed.

This is why being a quick and efficient typist is always advantageous.

You can make more money in less time if you’re a fast and accurate transcriber.

You may be able to earn bigger pay as you gain experience.

Once you’ve worked with TranscribeMe for a while, you may apply to join one of their special Teams.

how to make money with TranscribeMe

Qualified transcribers are paid $22 to $60 per hour of audio, depending on the project and pool.

Special projects pay up to $100 per hour of audio.

You’ll discover that there are opportunities for advancement inside the organization, with positions such as quality assurance.

On average, TranscribeMe transcribers earn $250 up to $2,200.

Payments are made weekly through PayPal in US dollars.

Once your account reaches $20, then you can request a payment.

You can request payment via PayPal for the following Thursday once your balance reaches $20.

What are the pros and cons of working for TranscribeMe?


1. It’s available globally.

You can work for TranscribeMe no matter where you are in the world so long as you can accept PayPal payments.

Remember that the type of work you’ll receive is determined by the language you select, so be sure to indicate that when you join.

2. It’s free and easy to sign up.

Although patience is required to join TranscribeMe, the first sign-up procedure is straightforward.

You don’t have to pay anything.

You just simply fill out the required information and you’re a member.

But remember that you won’t be allowed to work on the platform unless you pass their assessment.

3. They have short audio files.

Long audios may be difficult to transcribe, especially if they are of poor quality.

Fortunately, TranscribeMe doesn’t have this issue since the site only provides short audios that are one to two minutes long, allowing beginners to finish a task easily and quickly.

4. Growth opportunities.

TranscribeMe provides an opportunity for transcribers to advance their careers.

You will not be a transcriber forever.

If you consistently deliver high-quality work, you’ll be promoted to the quality assurance or project management departments.

5. Flexible work.

This is the best aspect of working for TranscribeMe.

You can work whenever and for as long as you want without putting any pressure on yourself.


1. Big number of transcribers

The number of workers on the platform is relatively higher than the number of transcription projects.

This implies you’ll have to keep your ratings high and quickly grab projects as soon as they come.

And because of the number of transcribers, TranscribeMe makes no guarantees about how much work you’ll get per day.

The workload is dependent on the projects received from customers.

If you plan to rely on transcribing for a living, be aware that there may be days when you receive no work at all.

2. Your work may get rejected.

Yes, your work may get rejected and they don’t give you an explanation for their rejection, which is unfortunate.

3. Payment threshold.

Another part of TranscribeMe that’s bothersome is that you will not get paid until you have transcribed at least one audio hour.

Even if you record 15 minutes of audio every day, it will take around a week to get your first payout, as regular workflow is not guaranteed.

How to pass the TranscribeMe application test?

Now that you know how to make money with TranscribeMe, this next section explains how to pass the TranscribeMe application test.

The first step after registering with TranscribeMe is to take the TranscribeMe Entrance exam in the language you wish to work as a freelancer.

TranscribeMe has two types of entrance tests:

1. English Entrance Exam

2. Special Style English Entrance Exam (US only)

The transcription test is divided into five sections:

1. 3 Sample Sentence Questions

2. 10 Style Guide Questions

3. Audio – 1st

4. Audio – 2nd

5. Audio – 3rd

Carefully read the TranscribeMe Style Guide.

We can’t emphasize this enough.

When you sign up to work as a freelancer on TranscribeMe, you must read (and read again) the style guide.

Don’t make the mistake of going straight to the test without reviewing the style guide.

One of the most significant reasons why so many people fail is because of this.

All of the basics and foundations that must be explored before taking the test are covered in the style guide.

We strongly suggest that you read the style guide twice to avoid making mistakes during the test.

The guidelines must be carefully followed.

This involves using the proper style, whether Clean Verbatim or not, as well as correct spelling (American or Commonwealth English).

Check each file’s style standards.

Accuracy is of utmost importance.

Use the relevant tags for terms you don’t understand.

You should be able to show that you have an excellent command of the English language, including spelling and punctuation.

Before submitting a file, be sure it has been carefully proofread and spell-checked.

If you want to know more about TranscribeMe, you can visit their Resource page.

For the right person, TranscribeMe may be a good option.

Learning to transcribe audio is a good and profitable skill to have if you’re wanting to supplement your income.

It’s easy to get started, and you’ll have a lot of choices.

Combining it with another side hustle can lead to a full-time freelancing career.


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