6 Legal Transcription Companies Hiring Now

Are you looking for legal transcription companies hiring transcribers who can work from home?

If you’re fluent in legal terms and have a fast typing speed, you can work as a legal transcriptionist from the convenience of your own home.

A legal transcriptionist’s job is to convert audio, video, or audiovisual materials into written form. You must be aware that maintaining confidentiality is important.

In the event of sensitive legal information, you must be discreet with the data and guarantee that there are no security threats.

What is Legal Transcription?

Legal transcription is the process of converting a spoken word (video and/or audio) into a written legal document that has been meticulously prepared so that you can find the information you need quickly.

No matter what area or specialty they work in, lawyers and everyone who works with them often have a lot on their plates.

Many people wind up working long hours reviewing important documents, interviews, and even court recordings.

Finding methods to streamline that process is vital, especially in taking on additional clients.

Transcription services can assist with this by having audio recordings from interviews or court hearings get transcribed into a written document that is simple to read and scan.

Legal transcription has been a profitable professional choice in recent years, particularly for those with strong typing speed and legal understanding.

It’s not just a well-paying profession that allows you to work from home, but it’s also a stable career.

Here’s a list of some of the best legal transcription companies hiring freelance transcriptionists.

1. Cambridge Transcriptions

Legal Transcription Companies Hiring Now - Cambridge

Cambridge Transcriptions has established itself as a leader in the field of legal transcription as well as general transcription.

A lot of the work they do is technical and has to do with legal transcription.

They primarily focus on administrative hearings, witness proceedings, and arbitration.

They require at least a year of experience in legal transcription or court reporting.

So if you have any past legal transcription expertise, then this is an ideal option for you.

Cambridge Transcriptions offers two unique transcribing positions:

A+ Legal Transcriptionists

  • Experience transcribing depositions, arbitrations, and administrations is required.
  • Must be fluent in the English language, including punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
  • Must be detail-oriented and capable of following detailed directions.
  • Knowledge of frequently used software applications and equipment is required.

Corporate Transcriptionists

  • You must be an excellent typist.
  • A solid command of the English language is required, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Must be detail-oriented and capable of following detailed directions. Must know how to use transcription software.
  • It is necessary to be conversant with word processing programs.
  • Experience in medical, technical, or legal transcription.

If you meet these requirements, you can send your resume and a cover letter detailing the experience you have and attach 2 or 3 redacted transcripts as an example of your ability and work completed in a Microsoft Word format to employtran@ctran.com.

The required typing speed and accuracy are not indicated.

You will be informed of the next steps to take after submitting your resume and cover letter.

If your application is accepted, the next step is to complete their online training program.

The online training teaches you the techniques that are specific to Cambridge Transcriptions, as well as how to utilize their software.

Before you begin any work-related work, you must finish this training program.

Completion of the training is required. You can and will begin receiving assignments once you have finished their training.

The majority of the time, you will be emailed audio recordings from court sessions, interviews, lectures, conference calls, and meetings.

You are responsible for working your own hours, schedule, and days as an independent contractor.

You will be paid every second Friday by direct transfer into your bank account.

You don’t need to request payment, and there is no minimum threshold.

There is no mention of any geographical restrictions on the ctran.com website. There is also no mention of hiring just transcribers based in the United States.

You can put in your resume and try your luck if you are a fully certified legal transcriptionist with experience and fulfill their qualifications.

This is definitely worth a shot because it appears to be a genuine, professional, and legitimate chance for you to work from home with a professional and serious company.

There may be little information on their website concerning pay rates and how they will pay you. But if you obtain a position with them, it could be a well-paying job with a steady flow of work.

2. Tigerfish Transcribing

Legal Transcription Companies Hiring Now - Tigerfish

Tigerfish is one of just a few companies that provide transcribing work from home for beginners.

You should be able to make between $7 and $15 per hour.

If you are serious about establishing a profitable transcribing business, Tigerfish is an excellent place to begin.

Although the Tigerfish application process may take longer than that of its competitors, bear in mind that you do not require transcribing experience to pass.

Tigerfish just uses the application exam to verify if you have the necessary abilities to work for them.

Download their Style Guide before taking the test.

Take your time reading the PDF and making sure you thoroughly understand everything.

Following that, you will get several audio files from their application website.

The recordings are generally made up of three 5-minute segments: a focus group, an interview, and a presentation.

Transcribe them using the appropriate program, as instructed above.

It should be noted that all three transcripts for that test should be stored in a single document.

In addition to your sample work, you’ll be required to provide a few details about yourself.

You must strictly follow the directions as you transcribe, modify, and submit your work.

Any variation from the requirements provided will result in your application being placed at the bottom of the pile.

The test is designed to determine not only if you have the necessary abilities, but also whether you can follow instructions.

They receive a large number of application emails and as a result, it may take some time to hear back from them.

There is no information on their website about their pay rate. However, according to current and former Tigerfish transcribers, a newcomer may earn up to $7 to $10 per hour.

You may earn up to $15 per hour if you work quickly and accurately.

Payments are sent every week.

3. eScribers

Legal Transcription Companies Hiring Now - eScribers

eScribers is one of the transcription companies that provide legal transcribing services from home.

It has grown rapidly in recent years.

The company is searching for new individuals to join its outstanding team of transcribers.

The application procedure is really simple since the membership form just takes a few minutes to complete.

You must have a typing speed of at least 65 words per minute.

In addition, you must use a computer that is up-to-date and running Windows 10 or above.

Furthermore, you must be legally eligible to work in the United States to begin working with them.

The pay rate is not specified. However, it appears to be competitive and computed per page.

To receive payments, a US bank account is required.

eScribers usually only hires people with prior transcribing experience, but you don’t have to have an experience in legal transcription.

Obviously, it’s a significant advantage, but in certain situations, they’re prepared to give additional training to experienced transcriptionists with non-legal backgrounds to assist them in getting started.

4. E-Typist

Legal Transcription Companies Hiring Now - e-Typist

E-typist has established a solid reputation for delivering transcription and other virtual legal assistance services to customers all over the world.

They are currently looking for competent freelancers to help them develop their transcribing team and manage additional clients.

This role, however, requires at least three years of professional experience.

To apply as an independent contractor, you only need to complete a brief questionnaire and provide an updated CV.

However, you must be able to transcribe fast-paced audio, strong accents, and even loud background sounds.

5. Allegis

Legal Transcription Companies Hiring Now - Allegis

Allegis offers transcribing services to businesses in the legal and insurance industries.

The company sends audio recordings to transcribers who convert them to documents.

The amount of each contract will vary based on the needs of each client.

Work is consistent since they transcribe for several well-known and significant businesses.


  • Work availability is consistent.
  • The pay rate is flexible and not fixed, allowing for advancement.
  • Jobs are completed based on completion rather than a defined hourly rate.


  • Some audio files are challenging to transcribe.
  • Mistakes have an impact on the rating and may have an impact on income or work assignment rate.

There are specified qualifications and skill levels required to work at Allegis.

They provide a technical compatibility list that includes all software and equipment requirements.

The interview process lasts roughly two weeks and consists of a series of Allegis transcribing exams as well as an interview.

In addition to typing and research tests, there is a grammar and punctuation test.

6. SpeakWrite

Legal Transcription Companies Hiring Now - SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite enlists freelance transcriptionists who can work a minimum of four hours a week for fast-turnaround transcriptions for the business, law, and insurance industries.

The site promises its clients three-hour service at all hours of the day and night.

That suggests that the site has transcriptionists working around the clock.

SpeakWrite pays transcriptionists $0.005 per word.

This means you’ll get paid $5 for every 1,000 words you write.

Some shifts additionally have a 10% bonus.

Transcriptionists say they’re often hampered by bad audio tapes that can have long gaps in the audio.

You get paid nothing to listen through the silence.

Transcriptionists make an average of $450 per month, with top earners earning $3,400 per month.

Payments are paid twice a month, either by cheque or by direct deposit.

SpeakWrite does not use PayPal or other payment providers.

Because SpeakWrite focuses on legal transcription, it is best suited to people who have some transcription expertise.

If you want to work in legal transcribing, your requirements will be a little more strict.

You must have at least one year of experience working in a legal firm in the last five years.

This should involve competence with word processing and legal transcription.

SpeakWrite has a thorough application process.

To begin the application, go to their website and provide your basic information.

This will allow you to create a login for the site and access the next steps.

After that, you’ll have to pass a typing speed and accuracy exam.

This is a brief exercise designed to assess your speed and accuracy.

To continue to the next round, you must attain a minimum of 60 words per minute speed and 90 percent accuracy.

Following successful completion of the exam, you will be required to review and sign a confidentiality agreement.

You will also be required to supply further information about your job history and confirm your availability.

Once your work history has been approved by SpeakWrite, you will have access to the training videos.

You will need to complete a few tasks to become familiar with the company’s formatting rules and the SpeakWrite system.

The last stage in the application process is to download the SpeakWrite program and perform certain training tasks.

This will allow you to practice using the program before taking on paid tasks.

The SpeakWrite staff will review your work to verify you are following their rules and guidelines.


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