GoTranscript Online Job Review: Want $50 Extra Cash Every Day?

Transcription jobs are open to anyone with strong listening abilities and a fast typing speed.

With little experience, you can quickly carve out a career in transcription.

Transcription is a basic data entry job that requires you to convert audio recordings into text.

Once you’ve mastered it, you can easily earn $50 every day.

To make things easier, you’ll need a transcription company with plenty of freelance job

opportunities and an excellent payment system.

GoTranscript is a well-known transcribing firm based in the United Kingdom.

They hire freelance transcribers from all over the world as they have audio files in different languages.

GoTranscript Online Job Review

Who is GoTranscript for?

GoTranscript is for anyone who wants to make money typing out audios.

No professional qualifications or expertise are necessary to begin transcribing.

However, before you can obtain paid work on this site, you must meet certain requirements.

To begin, you must be of legal working age.

Second, you must have excellent skills in the language of your choice, which will be determined through tests on the platform.

The good thing is that all of the things you’ll need to complete the exam are on the guidelines page, which you can access anytime you want.

Aside from that, you should be a good listener, have a decent typing speed, have a basic understanding of computers, and have an eye for details.

GoTranscript Jobs and Opportunities

For their entry-level role, you will work as a transcriber/transcriptionist.

Other jobs at GoTranscript include the following:

  • Editor/editing
  • Translation
  • Subtitling
  • Captioning

General transcribing duties will be handled by newbies.

However, for more experienced and competent transcribers, GoTranscript offers specialized transcriptions such as:

  • Medical transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Academic transcription
  • Research transcription

What are the Pros and Cons of GoTranscript?


1. The platform is beginner-friendly.

Beginners may immediately join the website and learn while earning money because it requires no prior knowledge.

2. Work anytime you like.

GoTranscript does not need you to work during a certain time window each day.

Instead, you may work whenever you choose, which is ideal if you’re seeking work with flexible schedules.

3. Work anywhere.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. They hire globally.

You can work with them regardless of your demographic location as long as you have the language skills and the ability to accept payments.

4. Easy sign-up process.

The registration process takes only a few minutes and is completely free.

If you read the guidelines carefully, the assessment won’t take that long either

5. Payments sent on time.

The site is noted for making prompt payments via PayPal and Payoneer every Friday.


1. Audio files can be difficult.

Transcription can get difficult when you’re dealing with challenges like terrible audio quality and heavy accents.

2. Maintain a rating.

You must maintain a rating of at least 3.5 stars to get consistent work.

3. Pay rate is relatively low.

Since the pay is $0.60 per audio minute (NOT per minute), this means it will take you longer than a minute to transcribe one minute of audio, which means you will have to work long hours to generate a steady income.

How to apply as a transcriptionist in GoTranscript?


The application has a simple process. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the GoTranscript website and create an account. You may register with your email, Google, or Facebook account.

2. Carefully review the GoTranscript instructions and samples. This is an important step toward passing the test. (We’ll get into that further later.)

3. When you’re ready, take the test to apply for a job as a transcriptionist. There are various languages available.


Now, before you start worrying about your transcribing skills—or lack thereof—here’s the good news.

GoTranscript is an easy-to-use platform.

They will not ask for your résumé or other information.

Everyone is invited to participate.

All you’ll need is your computer and a pair of headphones.

The use of a foot pedal is also completely optional.

Furthermore, no additional software is required.

On their website, GoTranscript offers a free transcription tool with a variety of useful features.

How to pass the GoTranscript audio test?

GoTranscript requires all new candidates to follow their instructions and pass a test to ensure that they thoroughly understand how to do the job.

Since no prior experience is necessary to begin working, this phase is critical to maintaining their quality standards.

Taking the Test

You’ll have no trouble passing if you study the guidelines carefully.

Remember that your grammar, punctuation, and capitalization are all important.

You’ll work on a brief audio recording that demonstrates what you’d be doing if hired.

The Guidelines

All of the information you’ll ever need to be a successful transcriptionist at GoTranscript can be found on their guidelines page.

The guidelines cover multiple sections that are equally necessary for passing the test and working on the platform thereafter.

These are the following:

  • Instructions for beginners
  • Description s of text formats
  • Types of timestamping
  • Major rules

Each of these sections will help you fully understand what a finished job should look like.

Preparing for the test

In addition to the guidelines, GoTranscript provides a collection of old test files that will assist the candidates in studying and practicing for the test.

You may practice your transcribing skills before taking the transcription test.

Here, you receive immediate results.

You’ll be able to see whether there’s anything you’re doing incorrectly and learn from it before taking the test.

We highly encourage you to practice first before taking the actual assessment test.

Tips to pass the test

Taking the test may be intimidating, but it is not as difficult as it appears.

Here are some pointers to help you excel at it:

1. Always follow the guidelines.

2. Maintain your grammar, but do not attempt to correct any grammatical errors from the original audio.

3. Don’t guess what the speaker is saying. Using the inaudible/unintelligible tags is preferable.

4. If you find yourself in a position where you are unsure what to do, you can always seek assistance from their support staff.


How Much Can You Earn With GoTranscript?

On a regular basis, GoTranscript receives requests to transcribe certain assignments from clients.

These tasks are then posted to all of their approved transcribers.

As a transcriber, you get to pick and choose whatever jobs you want to do or not do.

This allows you to work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

You have a deadline for completing the task, and you are expected to finish it on time and within the transcribing criteria.

You are then compensated on a per-minute basis for finishing the task.

Most transcribers are paid $0.60 per audio minute, which equates to around $36 per audio hour or $12 per hour (if it takes you 3 hours to transcribe one hour of audio).

Not bad for someone who is looking to earn during their spare time.

Watch this if you want to transcribe faster and earn more.

You may earn more as an editor.

However, becoming an editor with them is challenging, and you must regularly maintain a rating of 4.5 or above.

The Work Process

Transcribers are alerted through email whenever new tasks or files are added to the system.

The best feature of GoTranscript is that you may listen to the audio or video recording before accepting it.

You may do so by selecting the video icon that appears with each new transcription task.

If the transcribing job file is ideal for you, click “Make My Job” to begin working on it.

You can also download the task and work offline with transcribing software such as ExpressScribe.

If you do not have the tool, you can utilize their Transcription Tool online.

GoTranscript’s online transcribing tool saves your work every 30 seconds, and it also offers done-for-you formatting.

GoTranscript’s turnaround time is adequate for the projects, and if you want extra time, you can easily extend time through the portal.

GoTranscript allows you to view the final edited transcript that is sent to the customer.

Compare your document to the Editor’s version and learn from the corrections.

The completed work file can be found under the Finished Jobs tab.

If you repeatedly submit low-quality work (below rating 3) to GoTranscript, your account may be canceled.

So take advantage of the ability to listen to the audio/video before accepting any transcription work on the site, and review the final edited transcripts to enhance your transcribing abilities.

The Payment Process

All applicants must have a PayPal or Payoneer account set up and ready to begin.

Every job pays per minute of audio transcribed, and payment is due every Friday.

Your weekly earnings will be determined by the work completed prior to the payout request.

If you’re new to transcription, don’t be afraid to try new things.

GoTranscript allows you to learn a new skill while earning money.

It might not be the job that will convince you to leave your full-time work just yet.

It may, however, point you in the right direction if you’re looking to become a home-based freelancer.

Give it a shot.

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