Daily Transcription Review: Earn $66 per Audio Hour Transcription Jobs

In the evolving landscape of freelance work, transcription jobs stand out as one of the most accessible and flexible options for those looking to earn from home. Today, we’ll delve into the specifics of working as a transcriptionist with Daily Transcription, an online platform that connects freelancers with clients in need of high-quality human-generated transcripts.

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This comprehensive guide will cover everything from the essential skills you need to get started to the potential earnings and the specifics of the job.

Understanding Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription is a platform that provides transcription services across various industries, including entertainment, corporate, legal, and academic sectors.

Unlike many services that rely heavily on artificial intelligence (AI), Daily Transcription emphasizes human-generated transcripts, ensuring higher accuracy rates.

While AI tools are employed for proofreading and editing, the core transcription work is performed by humans, providing a unique opportunity for freelancers to join their team.

Why Human Transcriptionists Are Essential

Despite advancements in AI, human transcriptionists remain crucial for achieving high accuracy.

AI-generated transcripts often max out at about 90% accuracy, whereas human transcribers can achieve accuracy rates up to 99%.

This precision is particularly important in fields where details are critical, such as legal and medical transcription.

The human touch ensures that nuances, accents, and complex terminologies are correctly understood and transcribed.

Key Skills and Requirements

To succeed as a transcriptionist on Daily Transcription, there are several key skills and requirements:

  1. Typing Speed and Accuracy: A minimum typing speed of 50 words per minute (WPM) is required. However, typing accuracy is even more crucial, as errors can compromise the quality of the transcript.
  2. Listening Skills: Strong listening abilities are essential to accurately transcribe audio files. This includes understanding different accents and dialects.
  3. Attention to Detail: An eye for detail helps ensure that the transcriptions are free from errors and that all nuances are captured.
  4. Time Management: Transcriptionists often work under tight deadlines, so the ability to manage time effectively is vital.
  5. Proficiency in Transcription Software: While Daily Transcription does not specify which software to use, familiarity with common transcription tools is beneficial.
  6. Independent Work Ethic: The ability to work independently and stay motivated without direct supervision is important for meeting deadlines and maintaining high standards.
  7. Experience: Applicants are typically required to have one to two years of relevant experience.

Earnings Potential

The pay structure at Daily Transcription is based on the length of the audio or video file being transcribed, rather than the time spent working.

Transcribers can earn between $45 and $66 per hour of transcribed material.

daily transcription - general transcription

It’s crucial to note that this rate applies to the length of the audio file, not the hours you spend working.

Typically, transcriptionists work between 10 and 30 hours a week.

Specialized Roles: Proofreading and Editing

Beyond transcription, Daily Transcription also offers roles for AI editors and proofreaders.

These positions involve editing and refining AI-generated transcripts to ensure they meet high standards of accuracy.

These jobs generally offer higher pay, ranging from $60 to $90 per hour of audio material.

daily transcription - AI editor

The skills required for these roles include a deep understanding of grammar and punctuation, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to correct errors missed by AI.

Additional Opportunities

Daily Transcription isn’t limited to general transcription jobs. They also offer specialized positions in fields such as:

Medical Transcription

  • Requires knowledge of medical terminology.
  • Pays $75 to $120 per audio hour.
daily transcription - medical transcriber

Legal Transcription

  • Involves transcribing legal documents and proceedings.
  • Pays $75 to $120 per audio hour.
daily transcription - legal transcriber

Subtitling and Captioning

  • Creating subtitles for videos, which is similar to transcription but with added formatting for on-screen text.
  • Pays $50 to $80 per audio hour.
daily transcription - subtitler and captioner

Spanish Transcription

  • For bilingual individuals, there are opportunities to transcribe Spanish audio.
  • Pays $66 to $150 per audio hour.
daily transcription - Spanish transcriber

Combined Continuity and Spotting List Transcription

  • Provide a written text form of the final broadcast of a movie or television show as a post-production script.
  • Pays $330 to $360 per audio hour.
daily transcription - Spotting List transcriber

Enhancing Your Skills

For those looking to improve their typing speed and accuracy, there are several free resources available online. Websites like TypingTest.com offer various tests to help you practice and assess your typing skills.

Explore similar platforms like Keybr and Ratatype, all offering free typing drills and games.

By regularly practicing, you can increase your typing speed and accuracy, making you more competitive in the transcription job market.

Geographic Limitations

Currently, Daily Transcription accepts applications only from freelancers located in the US, the UK, Canada, or New Zealand.

If you’re based outside these countries, you’ll need to explore other platforms like Scribie, SpeakWrite, or Amberscript.

These platforms also offer transcription jobs and are accepting new applicants.

The Competitive Landscape

The transcription market is highly competitive, largely due to its low entry barriers.

Many platforms have seen such high numbers of applicants that they have temporarily stopped accepting new ones.

This competition means that new transcribers need to not only meet the required skills but also consistently deliver high-quality work to stand out.

Alternative Platforms

While Daily Transcription is a great starting point, diversifying your opportunities can increase your chances of securing work.

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer transcription gigs, but the competition can be fierce.

Other specialized sites like ProofreadingServices.com offer roles in proofreading, which share similar skill requirements with transcription jobs.


Transcription jobs offer a flexible and accessible way to earn money from home.

Platforms like Daily Transcription provide opportunities for skilled individuals to join their team and work on a variety of projects.

While the competition is high and the requirements are stringent, those with strong typing skills, excellent attention to detail, and a good work ethic can find success in this field.

Improving your typing speed and accuracy through practice, staying updated with industry trends, and diversifying your applications across multiple platforms can significantly enhance your chances of securing steady transcription work.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, the world of transcription offers numerous opportunities for dedicated freelancers.


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