10 Lesser-Known Transcription Companies Hiring Freelance Transcribers





We are all aware of how competitive these popular websites are.

And since there is so much competition, finding a spot as a freelance transcriber can be difficult.

This ultimately discourages a lot of beginning freelance transcribers.

Therefore, it makes sense to search for lesser-known transcription companies hiring freelance transcribers.

In this blog post, we list a few of them.

1. GoLocalise


GoLocalise provides transcription services for audio and video files in over 100 different languages.

Subtitlers, voice-over artists, editors, actors, and broadcasters from all over the world are welcome to apply.

In addition to a certificate of completion and the opportunity to work for GoLocalise on a freelance basis as a translator, subtitler, or voice actor in your native language after completing your internship, you will be given a glowing reference that will advance your career and open doors for employment.


Amberscript uses automatically generated text.

The transcriber’s main tasks involve listening to the audio, editing the machine-generated transcript, and labeling speakers.

They also hire captioners.

The captioner’s main tasks include watching the video, editing the machine-generated transcript, and formatting and synchronizing the text with the audio.

You can work wherever you want and decide on which jobs you want to take.

You may select the jobs available on the platform.

You can determine if the project is a suitable fit for you and your schedule because the kind, duration, and deadline are all known up front.

You will work in their online editor to edit the transcript that was automatically created by the speech-to-text software.

After which, a Quality Controller will review the transcript you submit before it is sent to a client.

You will be given feedback and asked to redo the work if it doesn’t match their expectations.

You will receive payments every month by PayPal or bank transfer.

If you know other languages other than English, you can also apply as a translator.

The translator’s main tasks are watching captioned videos, editing the machine-generated captions, and formatting and synchronizing the text with the audio.

Pay rates:

1. Transcriber – €0.45 – €1.20 per audio/video minute

2. Captioner – €0.90 – € 1.90 per audio/video minute

3. Translator – €3.50 – € 6.00 per audio/video minute

3. Audio Transcription Center

audio transcription center

Audio Transcription Center is seeking candidates who can type a minimum of 80 words per minute and must be able to deliver the transcript for an hour of audio within 24 hours. It is an advantage if you’re bilingual or multilingual.

Your main task as a transcriber is to make an accurate text document of the contents of audio, video, typed or handwritten material.

Contents transcribed are mostly history interviews, focus groups, financial forecasts or quarterly reports, tech webinars, commencement addresses, interviews about NGO work, educational reform or health care access, and even TV shows on occasion.

You can choose your own schedule and get paid weekly.

You can apply online and your application must include your resume, a cover letter (both in PDF format), and a screenshot of the results from a three-minute typing test on typingtest.com.

The minimum typing requirement is 80 wpm with 98% accuracy.

monday roadmap

Monday Roadmap (previously Opal Transcription Services) based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, provides clients in the US, Canada, and other countries with expert audio transcription, word processing, and document typing services.

They handle transcription-related tasks, including:

  • Video transcription
  • Podcast transcription
  • Academic transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Sermon transcription
  • Conference call transcription

For universities, colleges, schools, learning institutions, and research facilities, they provide the following academic transcribing services:

  • Lectures
  • Focus Groups
  • Qualitative Research

Their transcription team consists of university students, recent graduates, professors, and qualified editors — all are based in the US and Canada.

The application requirements for general and legal transcribers include untimed transcription of a short sample audio file and completion of an online assessment test.

Applicants are required to download the sample audio and type it into MS Word.

And then they’ll be asked to fill out the online assessment.

Monday Roadmap pays their transcribers above-average rates (higher than what Rev and TranscribeMe offer).

They also pay via PayPal.

They specialize in academic research, which typically requires clean verbatim for one-on-one interviews (makes transcription easier because you don’t need to transcribe all the ums, uhs, and other verbal tics).

And because it’s academic research, they say that the work is always educational and interesting.

5. Sterling Transcription

sterling trans

Sterling Transcription specializes in medical, legal, academic, and financial transcription.

The company hires independent contractors living in the UK and abroad with skills in the said areas.

You must have a typing speed of 60 wpm, an accuracy of at least 97%, knowledge of Microsoft Word, and be able to work at least 10 hours per week.

Before they hire you, you need to take a listening and typing test.

Rates may vary depending on the type of transcription, the number of speakers, and the quality of the audio.

You will either be paid per audio minute or per line, depending on the type of file and client.

6. TP Transcription

tp transcription

TP Transcription Limited is a UK-based transcription company.

They offer copy typing, subtitling, transcription, and translation services.

TP Transcription is hiring transcribers for English transcription and other languages.

They are also searching for translators for ongoing projects.

Additionally, they are looking for skilled Jeffersonian transcribers as well as English-to-English subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing.

7. Take Note/Verbit Go

verbit go

Verbit Go offers transcription jobs for those who are interested in becoming home-based transcribers in the UK.

According to their website, interested individuals can sign up for their application process.

They have a range of full-time and freelance positions available across the business.

Reviews on Indeed suggest that transcribing for Take Note/Verbit Go is an okay side source of income if you’re a fast typist and have the patience for it.

Glassdoor also mentions that with transcription, they often send out bonus opportunities.


Verbatext.ai is a Kenyan company that provides transcription services among other services such as captioning, image and data annotation, article writing, video recording, and training services to clients all over the world.

They have highly proficient transcribers that are capable of high output within tight schedules.

Verbatext.ai offers transcription services through its proprietary online platform accessible to clients worldwide.

They have a portfolio endowed with over 20 different languages including English, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Danish, Swahili, Afrikaans, Swedish, and Hindi.

If you are interested in joining their team, you can sign up as a freelancer and go through an interview and review process by the admin.


Cyberbacker is a company that provides world-class administrative support and virtual assistant services to clients worldwide.

They offer a variety of job opportunities in various fields and business departments that could be a perfect fit for your skills and qualifications.

Cyberbacker allows you to work from home, free from traffic, and spend more time with your family.

They have entry-level positions available for those with no work experience and fresh graduates.

If you are interested in working as a transcriptionist, you can apply for the Virtual Assistant position and choose the perfect Cyberbacker for your business needs.

Cyberbacker offers training and onboarding assistance to ensure that their Cyberbackers are equipped to accomplish any tasks required of them.

10. Amara


Amara is a platform that offers professional captioning and translation services, including transcription, captioning, and subtitle translation.

They provide affordable, high-quality captions and subtitles, as well as text translations, to clients worldwide.

Amara’s transcript ion interface is simple and intuitive, allowing users to transcribe videos without worrying about typos and capitalization.

The platform’s multi-award-winning Amara Editor is a cloud-based do-it-yourself solution with state-of-the-art subtitling features that can help you coordinate subtitle projects of all sizes.

Amara provides customizable workflows for review and final approval of subtitles, and powerful and intuitive team management tools.


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